White Lives Don’t Matter

Trayvon Martin was a drug-abusing, gangster wannabe. Michael Brown was a drug-dealing thug who assaulted a police officer. Like many, I was made a Nationalist by witnessing the violent behaviors tolerated and encouraged among non-white peoples. Both of these people are lionized as sacred figures by the media, while young white boys are encouraged to get in touch with their sensitive side, and never ever to break any rule given to them. The Collaborationist Left treats non-white criminals as saints. The Black Lives Matter movement was crafted by the Globalist dictatorship, which manipulates public perception through its media, to excuse non-white criminality and non-white-on-white violence. It is the Globalists by far who are public enemy number one.

White lives don’t matter to them. Where was the outcry about the thousand English girls kidnapped and sold into sex slavery by Pakistani Muslims in Rotherham, England? Nowhere. Instances like these go to show that Feminism is only a tool of the Globalist dictatorship to make women miserable and destroy White communities. The police didn’t even investigate the case for twenty years. Why? They were afraid of being called “racist.” Its only “racist” to care about your people when you’re white. You can bet that had the races been reversed, the Globalists would still be howling about it three years later, it took nearly twenty years for the details to become public. They are still howling about Saint Skittles.

This is because Globalists hate and want to destroy all White men, women and children. Infamous Globalist rats like Noel Ignatiev won’t even pretend otherwise. You might say, “Well, the English are pussies. They don’t even have the right to bear arms. It could never happen here.” You would be wrong. Cases like that are already unfolding all across our beloved country such as in Idaho where Muslim children raped a little White girl. The family of the girl was harrassed by the State and the Muslim community. So far, nothing has been done.

On the left, it is now the most high status thing to believe that White people ought to be destroyed. In Maine, Collaborationist politicians like Richard Fochtmann even laugh about White people dying. White men and women, to Collaborationists and Cuckservatives alike, are animals to be slaughtered. Why vote for them? Why watch their shows, listen to them speak, or take them seriously? Not only do they not care about us, they actively try to do what’s worst for us. Do you know who sees us as fellow human beings to be loved and protected, made stronger, smarter and healthier? Nationalists. Only to Nationalists do White lives matter. Its a simple choice: between those who hate us and those who love us. Do you have the courage and good sense to chose love over hate?

If you don’t, the tragedies of the past will only repeat themselves. When a drug-dealing thug, who happens to be Black, gets killed, the Globalists go ballistic. When honest, hardworking Whites are ruthlessly murdered, they don’t bat an eye. The Globalist dictatorship didn’t care when Vicki Weaver and her little boy were killed. Younger readers have probably never even heard their names. The Globalists like to ignore them like the Chinese ignore Tiananmen Square. What was their crime? Living off the grid and being very distantly connnected to Nationalist freedom-fighters.

The Globalists and their Collaborationist puppets in “government” at the time were happy that they died. They hate every White man, woman and child. They loved that Vicki Weaver and her boy were butchered. They want the same fate for us all that befell the martyrs of Ruby Ridge and the Lost Girls of Rotherham, England. You can bet that the jackbooted cowards who shot an unarmed woman and her child are still enjoying their pensions. They even killed the family dog. The Globalists rate the lives of dogs higher than they rate the lives of Whites.

These are your real saints, ladies and gentlemen: innocent White men, women and children viciously gunned down by domestic enemies. This was one of the many war crimes committed against our people. They will never be forgotten, they will never be forgiven, and you can be damned sure that we will have justice done!

Hail to the Chief!