Trump the President

Bannon, Sessions and Spicer are not out. Gorsuch is on the Supreme Court and his presence will be felt in weeks. It feels strange to write about the classic, establishment politics when there is nothing more just, nothing more necessary than revolutionary change, however, play the old games we must.

We bombed Syria, after warning the targets, during a meeting with Xi Jinping. Despite the orgasmic cries of joy from the Neo-Con, Israel-First, Globalist parasites, there have been no troop movements into positions from where we could assault into Syria. We did deploy a carrier group to the seas near North Korea after the meeting with Xi concluded. Trump has said a lot of things about China, some positive comments more recently. Said. Actions are the only means of gauging what a man really believes. When able, Trump has acted to fulfill his campaign promises, but Trump isn’t everything.

Too many people live through the internet. Too many people saw images about Trump being a Strong Nationalist and believed them. His actions did not warrant such beliefs at the time, they do not warrant them now. He is a Soft Nationalist, a step above the Illusionists who use the American flag whenver they want young American boys to die in the Middle East. They have not died for democracy. No war from the the days of Athens to the jihad against National Socialism has ever been fought for democracy. Wars are always fought out of self-interest. We Nationalists are not Pacifists. We have just presented the extremely radical and previously forbidden idea that our wars ought to be fought for our own interests.

This is a view shared by Steven Bannon, and ostensibly still shared by Trump. The media has been playing one game since November 9th: weaken, divide and destroy the Trump administration. If Jared Kushner were an Israel Firster and held the influence the media ascribes to him, we would be balls deep in Syria as these words are being written. Bannon is not going out. Trump still acts in what he percieves to be our best interest.

That’s not enough.

The days when right-wing movements starved ourselves, only reacting to the left, visionless, spineless and worthless, are gone. We are greedy. We are hungry. We are going to roast Internationalist Globalism and eat it. We are shaking awake within ourselves a common spirit of power, and it is this spirit which shall never betray us. Like fire, the dying peoples of the Earth shall come to fear America, and from this fear shall be born a healthy respect. This respect is our birthright doubly as Americans of European descent. We have burned away all self-guilt and self-humiliation. Into this fire shall be cast doubt, weakness and stupidity, everything that marks this manufactured culture of death which is rammed down our throats. My fellow Americans, we have been born again.

Trump, whatever he was, whatever he is, remains only the beginning. If I hear another manlet crying his heart out about how we were “betrayed,” I will go insane. The next phases for us are 2018, 2020, 2022, and 2024. These are the crucial years for our Nation. These are the years when Strong Nationalists will step onto the political stage.

There are too many people living in fantasy. They think our leaders must be people like the Kings from Lord of the Rings, not desiring of a crown, never wanting to advance themselves. What utter tripe. Nationalists young and old, be ambitious. Life is hunger. The greatest men don’t ignore it, they are capable of controlling it. Even the dying peoples of the world still have an appetite. They will try to consume us even as their hearts stop beating. We have been taught to be slaves, but our chains have been broken. Look around you and they will fade everywhere your glance falls.

Should Trump, if he is more than a Soft Nationalist, say exactly what he wants? NO! People who think otherwise must not be much of a hit with women. Internationalist Globalism must be seduced, wooed into always looking elsewhere, never seeing the truth. We will do to them what they have been doing to us. When they have been lulled into sleep, they shall never wake.

The same conditions, can Trump act like a Strong Nationalist? Not right now. There will not be a Great Leap Forward. Maoism failed. Rapid success does not occur overnight. That is another myth which will be shattered. We will restore a culture of real hard work and real discipline with real goals which are for our benefit. We will not labor for Israel’s sphere of influence to expand in the Middle East. It has to be worked towards in baby steps. Many people fantazise about rapid developments and great leaps. These people never achieve anything. We start small and finish huge.

Take an example which is pertinent to current events: Israel. Within our Nation’s borders, there are elements working for Israel’s best interests above and before America’s. Many  of them are in government, business and media. What are baby steps we could take right now to divorce ourselves from Israel internationally and quash the fifth column who’s activities are plainly treasonous? What Trump is doing now comes to mind. Throwing them a bone, but only when it fits into the wider frame of our best interests. There are further steps. They begin with changing people’s perceptions towards Israel, but they will not be written. Refer to paragraph eight.