American Empire

Members of the generation who sold our country away in the 1960s may be impressed by the lobbying of a few missiles at some Brown country half a world away, but we aren’t. They think it is smart to bleed us of our youth for a Nation not our own. They are stupid. They think it is strong to lay waste to other Nations for no reason and no interest but foreign Nations who have their own pawns everywhere in our country. Not to mention, they then clamor for the people of these Nations they ruthlessly bombed into our country so that these people may bring their hatred of us here. They are weak.

Anybody who wants to see real strength and real intelligence must wait until Nationalists become the rulers of our country again. The Presidents of the United States has just been the beginning. We will reorder American society and foreign policy in the interests of our Nation. Currently, it is ordered in the interests of Globalists and whichever non-American patsy people they are manipulating this week. They have forged a nationless empire of increasingly devalued paper. We will forge an empire of blood, soil and spirit. This empire shall exist solely to secure the lives, liberties and happiness of our Nation for all time. Power, strength, is their only safeguard.

The Founding Fathers idealised working life. Thomas Jefferson wanted an Agrarian republic. Alexander Hamilton wanted an industrial society. What they failed to account for was the superiority of a warrior society. Can they be blamed? In their day, militia duty was mandatory. A man can only really feel part of his Nation when he is ready to give his life for it. Women when they have given new life to it.

The empire will exist to ensure the self-sustainment of the American Nation. Each and every man will have his economic role: laborer; farmer; services; artisan; but above all else he must be a warrior. It is hardly a secret that women love warriors. Men who are willing to take great risks to ensure not only their own survival, but the survival of the Nation. Running throughout the daily actions of each and every person must be a healthy spirituality. This is the heart of Tradition.

Within our own hemisphre lies the resources necessary for our own survival. Globalists don’t want us to know this, and if they do, they want to prevent us from acting on it. This is because they have the soul of a leech. They don’t create, they manipulate. They feed off all Nations like a parasite. They have no home, no land, no Nation. They exist in all colors and creeds, wearing them like a chameleon wears its ever-changing skin. They are the number one enemy of world peace.

Some of our Founding Fathers envisioned a vague idea of an empire of Liberty. This idea has been transformed over the last century to force American boys to die for the security of other Nations. Sometimes this tragic situation has been draped in ideology. The various hollow creeds are paraded before our eyes like flags for which the Globalists except us to die. My fellow Americans, we have no creed, no ideology, no political platform but this Nation. When Nationalists rule this country again as we did at its founding, we will make it so strong, so smart, so healthy that it shall live forever. Not a single American boy will die for another Nation or glittering generalities on our watch. Instead, we shall live and die for each other.