The New York Times 1775

Samuel Adams Marat

Pictured: hateful Puritan fundamentalist, Cromwellians viciously assault innocent bystanders at a rally for peace in Concord.

On June 17, terrorist, far-right Colonial Nationalists led by insurgent leaders, William Prescott, Israel Putnam and Joseph Warren, were smashed by the Army outside Boston at Breed’s Hill. The insurgents had occupied the hill early in the morning after terrorist-sympathizing elements within the city informed the Colonial-Supremacist forces on June 13 that the Army was planning to send troops out of the city, so as to encirle the insurgents besieging it. LTC Abercrombie of the Royal Grenadiers was killed while heroically leading a charge against the insurgents’ right flank. He will be buried with honors in England. The insurgents also managed to kill Major Pitcairn. The Army sustained minimal losses while managing to kill thousands of insurgents who could not hold the position and fled like cowards, but not before the Army managed to eliminate one of the insurgent leaders, Joseph Warren.

The defeat will likely come as a shock to the colonial-supremacist “Continental Congress.” It is hard to imagine that they could sustain opposition to the government after such a massive defeat. Currently, they are supported only by a few social rejects, cellar dwellers, and malcontents that have formed the “Massachusetts militia.” They don’t realize how much they resemble Oliver Cromwell. Reportedly, Loyal subjects of His Majesty have been triggered to tears by their insistence that the Colonies separate from Great Britain and establish an independent republic. You know who else wanted a republic? Cromwell. Check-mate, Republicans.

New England is known as the home of religious fundamentalists who have a backwards opposition to the authority of the Crown that they inherited from a history of Puritanical prejudice against Royal authority. You know who else was a Puritan? Cromwell. The insidious heritage of their customs seems to escape the New England colonists who revel in their Republican privilege. It is up to the rest of the Colonists to call out this bigotted and triggering behavior. #F*ckH8.

If you see a Republican, be sure to question them over why they support Cromwellianism, check their Puritan privilege by reminding them that the Colonies are full of diversity and that they should learn to integrate into the Monarchical system that needs to come if the Colonies are going to survive and flourish in the 18th century. His Majesty’s government has denounced the rebellion as not belonging in Great Britain. It isn’t our way of life. Maybe these Puritans should just leave? More importantly, why have the Whigs not come out against Colonial-Supremacy? Are they also secret Cromwellians? Edmund Burke recently made favorable comments towards the Colonial side and several officers in the Army have refused a command in America. This speaks to the deep, toxic culture of Whiggism and unconscious Cromwellianism in the Army that still needs to be combatted if it wants to become a modern fighting force.

PM Lord North has already given orders to raise some 30,000 troops from Germany to teach the Colonists about Loyalty to the crown. They are expected to arrive in Maine, New York and to make visits to Virginia. The Colonies need more diversity, and this is a step to ensuring that Colonial Supremacy and Republicanism are finally defeated within our life-times. Sam Adams has disappeared from Boston, his press being shut down for the ninth time since its first publication. No doubt he will continue to exploit the freedom of the press to spread hate against the Crown. This hate-press has caused many in Great Britain to wonder if Colonists should have the right to freedom of speech. A worthy and interesting discussion in light of rising anti-Tory sentiment in the colonies that resembles the anti-Tory sentiment of Cromwell’s dictatorship. We must never forget the six thousand Loyalists ruthlessly executed during his reign of terror. Could such a tragedy be repeated in America today?


Voice of a Nation 12/10/17

Samuel A. Marat

Pictured above are Evan McMuffin’s besties.

Globalists: “REEEEEEEEEEEE! How dare you fact check our obivous political machinations? Pants on fire! PANTS ON FIRE!”

The extent to which failing, universally despised, anti-white rag Politico autisitically reviews every piece of information that comes their way so as to frame it as supporting their narrative never fails to amuse me. It should be obvious to anyone with a grade 8 education that they are trying to cover for Glory-hole Aldred and “slammed one two many” Bever-ages Young Nelson’s increasingly blatant fabrication of the course of events they claimed to have taken place in interactions with the innocent Roy Moore. Watch as Vice’s Court Jew Frank Luntz goes off his rocker when a selection of Alabama’s wise electorate completely reject the claims of both of these washed-up, wrinkled whores.

The Return of McMuffin. One would think that this bald, potential pedophile would’ve faded from existence after being so much of a pussy that even Trump’s wife slammed him. Now he’s stepping up to try to take down Moore. Come back when you manage to win an election, which isn’t likely to ever happen because you look like Verne Troyer if he eat nothing but soy. McMuffin *allegedly* helped faht turror, but now he wants to bring more potential terrorists to the United States. I’ve heard of many desperate things done to get fifteen minutes of fame, but outright endangering the lives of one’s countrymen? That’s insane. I’d say McMuffin should be guillotined but, how would you hold his head up for the jubilant crowd without any hair? Chelsea Handler on the other hand has plenty of hair and a similar reason to warrant punishment.

Funny how these twats never seem to mention rape by Jihadist invaders but love to talk so much about “campus rape” (doesn’t happen, and if it does, it’s usually basket-ball Americans). They seem perfectly fine conforming to the expectations of non-European men. With Trump in office and the Judaeo-Democrat coalition collapsing we’ll finally destroy these arrogant little whores and keep them from harming current and future generations of American women.

With constant attacks on our countrymen by Afro-mestizoes and Islamist creeps, maybe its time for a little more racial awareness when we determine who gets to come into our country? The women can stay, they’re mostly harmless, and there are men among them that don’t cause any problems, but it should be clear to everyone that we need more homogeneity in order to have a stable country. You know, because it is our country, not Jon Leibowitz’ country, which funnily enough doesn’t like diversity. They want Jewish diversity, why can’t we have European diversity? What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. America was founded by white men after all. Doesn’t that make us a European country?

In closing, seventies pornstar sends Trump a bad tweet pretending to be a journalist, immediately reckt. Blames the piece on his dirty sanchez which is large enough to have a mind of its own.

Arab fifth columnist and Guardian columnist, Mustafa al-ISIS sheds crocodile tears because Trump (not Kushner) is wreaking havoc in the Middle East by not bothering to care enough except to stir up conflict between the Oil-monkey tribes. No ambassadors to countries that don’t matter, different directives to the Court Jew and to the State Department, yawn. Get me when they start nuking each other. We can have a live-streaming party.


  • Increase of immigration of Eastern and Southern European women to the United States. If you ain’t fit, you won’t get shit.
  • Deportations. Send Gloria Allred and Chelsea Handler to Saudi Arabia.
  • JK “constantly” Howling must stay a week in an invader army camp so she can learn to appreciate diversity.
  • More Democrat Senators and Congressmen resign for sexual perversions.
  • Terry McAuliffe arrested for being a CCP puppet. Where’s the Chicom collusion investigation?

Our third favorite politician, Paul Nehlen, was on FtN this weekend. Please give it a listen.


Hope After Hate

Samuel Adams Marat

“Hope” after Hate. Hate with Love. Lord, what awful recruits WN 1.0 tended to gather. They range from social rejects, to criminals, to mental cases, to incels. It never fails to surprise me that that movement failed and that it is publicly leaking members that constantly get put on air by this atrocious garbage, Hope After Hate. Make no mistake, “conversions” are undertaken in a quest for power and money. Christopher Piccolini, that swinish bastard who denigrates powerless young American men that want to change the circumstances of their nation as well as their own position in life, now gets donations from other Globalist shills like Samantha Bee, notable unfunny Canadian.

Do you know the reason why even Don Black’s own son left that movement? Because it was ridiculous. It was going nowhere. It had about as much chance of succeeding in America as a whore does of getting past the pearly gates. No doubt, would-be scheming politickers like Derek Black are more concerned with a pearl necklace than with a more lasting reward. America is a middle class country. The American dream is to shoot one class above where one already stands. To middle class people, WN 1.0 was disgusting. To working class people, WN 1.0 was disgusting. Heck, to most everyone in this country, WN 1.0 was, is and will be disgusting.

Well, if at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again…for almost sixty years with no success.

To the meat of the matter:

The Rev. William Aitcheson told Philip and Barbara Butler he was “blinded by hate and ignorance” when he targeted them in 1977 at their home in College Park, Maryland.

The Washington Post reports that in a letter dated Sept. 8, Aitcheson wrote he rejected those beliefs before he joined the priesthood, but was too ashamed to face the Butlers.

“It doesn’t matter what color the little children are, so long as I’m free to diddle them!”

In all my life, I never thought I would ever sympathize with the perpetrators of the September Massacres. I guess there is a first for everything, not that there is anything wrong with Christianity, far from it. That’s another topic.

This proves a point, the Reverend was so disgusted with that movement that he chose to renounce all worldly affairs and even renounce women. I cannot fathom renouncing women…for anything. I have heard of countless WN 1.0 Benedict Arnolds, a few such Alt-Righters too. That which is coming will have none. There will be no reason to be ashamed of this Nationalist movement, may God help us in ensuring that.

The Butlers said they are not sure what Aitcheson could do to earn their forgiveness.

“Hol up, crackah! I’m tryna thank of dem gibs i beez wanting.”

The Butlers and their attorney also spoke about the recent payment to the Butlers of $23,000 from an overdue judgment in a lawsuit, along with $9,600 in attorney fees.

In a statement, the Catholic Diocese of Arlington said Aitcheson used his private funds and a personal loan to make the payment.

Yep. You heard it here folks! Betraying your nation is costly. That’s just the beginning of the reparations Africans will demand from all Americans in this country. Oh, you think it won’t be happening to you? That’s cute. Its happening already. Dem programs is just the start. Raping and murdering is already happening. Already people are making excuses for it, that it should be legal and that it is the most moral thing one could possibly do.

“Thaz rayciss.”

Jessica Kurtz. 19 yrs old.

Caleb Lee. 9 yrs old.

Ellie Richardson. Shot in the face because she dared to argue with an African.

Kera Teel. 19yrs old and pregnant. Shot and killed.

That’s a very small list. The full list runs into the tens of thousands. Random crime? Yeah, suuuure. The animal that chooses comfort over survival is already dead. Look at South Africa, at Haiti, at Sweden, at Germany, look in the mirror. Its not random when its being encouraged everywhere. The people advocating it are in academia, teaching your children, nursing your newborns, in their music, and always with a certain people goading them on.

People like this KKKuckold priest know all of this. They just choose to ignore it so they can be popular. A movement that attracts spineless people like that will always have security hazards that can’t be patched up.

Aitcheson was a priest at St. Leo the Great church in Fairfax City for four years before recently stepping down.

Treason never pays. “Hope” after Hate? More like, “lose everything if you turn coat.”

The only connection between me and White Nationalism is that I am White, the American Nation is European and I’m a Nationalist. Would you froth with rage if encountering a Jewish Nationalist in Israel, an Asian Nationalist in China? No. An Asian Nationalist is a Nationalist that is Asian. He’s not a National Socialist. He doesn’t believe that all Asians must be brought under the Ching Chong Reich. He’s a Chinaman, a Japanese, etc. that is the son of an Asian Nation. If WN 1.0 did anything right it was give us slogans like “Diversity is code-word for White Genocide.”

Its okay to be white, its great to be American, now let’s save our republic.


MeToo Terror vol.2

Samuel Adams Marat

Charlie Sheen, noted mental case and sexual deviant, sues the National Enquirer for defamation after Corey Haim confirmed what is public knowledge at this point about Sheen’s escapades. Are we really to believe that a coke-fueled, addle-brained deviant who has threatened to kill the women he’s been with is now suddenly innocent and would never hurt a fly? The man has HIV. He’s been engaging in some deviant acts that lead to such an infection, carrying with him always the same attitudes and behavior towards his partners. He’s guilty. Lets hope he loses this law suit, and then whatever is left of his career. We can shoot for the stars and hope for an arrest as well, which seems to have eluded all those accused of these crimes thus far.

From another Corey, very bad news for Hollywood. They’re certainly doing much to redeem their race and showing that in fact NAxALT. Still, it doesn’t mean that they won’t take Israel’s side first.

Beverly Young Nelson has admitted that she fabricated “some details” in the yearbook signature she alledges that Roy Moore wrote. She was ruled against in a divorce case that Moore presided over in the ’90s. This whole accusation was motivated by a desire for revenge that was maliciously picked up by the Democrat Party. The entire story is likely a lie and it casts doubt on the rest of the accusers as well. Unlike Nancy Pelosi, many prominent women in the Republican Party are standing behind Roy Moore. Trump has enthusiastically advocated for Roy Moore in another of his wildly popular rallies. It wouldn’t be surprising to me if Trump was the one pulling the strings in the MeToo Terror. It would certainly render unnecessary the action of ripping the rug out from under these sluts, who’s hollow confidence in their own ability to ruin the career of any man who acquires their dislike is utterly revolting.

In New England, we have a wildly unpopular candidate running against sitting Congressman Bruce Poliquin (R-ME) by the name of Tim Rich who believes in the inceased terrorizing of American men in civil society and especially on college campuses. I look forward to seeing his campaign fail as badly as his own private business did.

Woody Allen both comes out of the woodwork and is dragged out of it. He’s scared for his own skin. Semites of a feather flock together. This cry is rising up throughout their community against the Terror now that it has become clear that all the Jewish perverts will fall, and there are quite a lot of them. I fully expect that the ADL will be galvanized to the defense of these reprehensible individuals just as they defended Leo Frank. They may not be able to do so. It would be too brazen a reveal of Jewish ethno-centrism. Either way, more and more people are coming to the realization that these people should never be in positions of influence.

Dustin Hoffman is reeling under yet another accusation. This comes after his hollow, Al Franken-like response to the accusations in a discussion with John Oliver, video of which has gone viral and aroused the ire of noted shit-idiot Alec Baldwin.

The Clintonian faction is about to get a very big shellacking with the hounds beginning to turn on Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) as the next target in the MeToo Terror. Andrew Cuomo, Terry McAuliffe, the Clintons themselves shall fall last. When the dust settles, the Democrat party will be destroyed. The gays are turning on women, women on the Old Guard elite, mestizoes on blacks, everyone on the Judaeo-Globalists.

Lastly, it seems that even the USMA will cover up sex crimes brought to us by wonderful diversity. Everyone has already heard of the decline in quality and standards of the college. From graduating flagrant Communists to covering up the crimes of its athletes like a typical university, West Point sure has fallen far from the days of Patton, Eisenhower, and Bradley. Perhaps the rat traitors loyal to Obama and the Neo-Cohen worldview will be purged next by the MeToo terror, following in the illustrious foot-steps of the great philanderer and hypocritical shitbag, David Petraeus.

Stay tuned for Vol. 2. If by chance your curiosity has been pricked by what may seem to the yet unlearned to be wildly drawn conclusions, I present to you a much more in depth explanation than I could ever offer.

Making Sense of Jerusalem

This is what we lack: understanding. Radicalism hardly means intransigency, nor does it mean demanding actions in the present which can’t reasonably take place. Jerusalem, a city older than written history. The place where Christ died. The destination of thousands of crusaders seeking the redemption of their souls. A hub between Africa, Asia and Europe. The capital of Israel, a Jewish ethnostate. The very idea of an ethnostate is reviled if proposed for a European people, but for the Jews it is regarded as sacrosanct in American politics. Diversity is regarded as the greatest danger for them at the same time as it is exalted for us. Muslims, Africans, any but their own are regarded as mortally dangerous but absolutely necessary for us. After all, how could we eat their food if they are not invited by the millions into our countries to wreak mass terror on our people.

What does “anti-semitism” really mean? That tyranny is justified anywhere and everywhere that it protects the interests of the Jewish people, and if you speak out about this gross violation of the basic liberties accorded to Man, you are Hitler. They drag his corpse up anytime a man dares to assert that the interests of his country come before the interests of their’s. This perversion of our republic speaks to the nature of that people. Dealing with them certainly engenders some sympathy for those who have hated them throughout history. They have been expelled from the Nations of this world 109 times since the year 250 AD, but always they assert their own innocence and that everyone else is to blame. It seems that, in 109 instances, there was one common denominator.

Who else could be more arrogant, more injurious to their host countries and more deleterious to the souls of Nations than the Middle Eastern tribe that fancies itself our supreme overlord? Nothing can be said, nothing can be done, and no man can ever be allowed to hold authority without at least a minimal kow-towing to them. That is changing, however, it hasn’t changed. That was what our country’s politics were prior to the Trump Revolution. He doesn’t go far enough, any man must admit this. We must resolve to be more Nationalist than the first Nationalist in our country.

Let us make sense of this move, for thereis rarely a move in politics that doesn’t carry with it calculation. Trump appears stupid to one who isn’t a Nationalist. Both Liberals and Conservatives are flabbergasted by his policies and decisions. What more could we expect from intellectually stunted men and women raised to be completely incapable of processing and understanding any worldview by the rancid Globalism that was forced down their throat in their formative years. Trump’s decisions make the most sense when one understands the Nationalist worldview. The placing of our Nation, not the “world-system” or even the supposedly American led empire, at the heart of both domestic and international political strategy.

The embassy move is largely symbolic, just as the bombing of the Syrian airfield. Were Trump nothing but a thrall, he would’ve invaded Syria, provoking both Iran and Russia to war. Instead, he was engaged in a campaign at home to deport Democrats, maybe even directing the Terror, wheeling and dealing in Asia maneuvering against North Korea. The American military needs a test of its strength. A conflict that isn’t large enough or near enough to pose a threat to our survival but, one in which we can gauge our capabilities and re-adjust our efforts to prepare for a larger conflict.

Trump likely believes that this conflict will be with China. This may be true. The Chinese are an ascendant power and we are an established one. We seem to be spiralling into a Thucydidean Trap like Athens and Sparta of Antiquity.

Where we diverge is how we best can achieve the security of our republic at home and its destiny. We must make the whole of the western hemisphere an American republic. This will be as long and hardy an endeavor as the original settling of the Americas. The frontier never closed, it simply moved. Internationalist elements wanted us to forget about the frontier because they never wanted a successful America nor a National identity to form in it. An ever-shifting, malleable mass of dejected, miserable, faceless atoms is their vision for the world. We will smash this vision to pieces.

Until we are ready to undertake this task worthy of heroes, chaos should reign in international politics. This is exactly what Trump does. If we cause the chaos to afflict other countries and regions to destablize things abroad, we can spark conflicts that we can exercise some control over. Turkey may sever its relationship with us. Praise the Almighty! If there were ever a more worthless, disastrous and utterly counter-productive ally they have certainly escaped my attention. Turkey dreams of both a renewed empire in the Middle East and in Europe. It assists in the flooding of Europe with invaders just for this purpose. In my humble opinion, it would be prudent and most excellent decision to give over that whole country to total military execution. We and the Russians could make sport of it. Who can reduce Ankara to an irradiated pile of rubble and ash first?

Renewed conflict between the Israelis and their Sunni compatriots in the Arabian peninsula. Contrary to popular opinion, the Sunnis and Israelis are quite close. They both hate and fear the Turks for the history of the Ottomans, the Iranians for their Shia faith and hostility to Israel, and the Egyptians for their Secular Nationalism which was nearly crushed by the Democrat-backed coup against Hosni Mubarak. Lebanon, Syria and much of Iraq have fallen into the Iranian sphere. The destruction of ISIS only brings more of the Fertile Crescent under Iranian influence. A breach in the coalition between Jew and Arab presents a multitude of possibilities. Perhaps we force both sides to withdraw their corrupting influence from our country as they are busied with conflict between each other, perhaps this comes out of our mediation of this conflict? A symbolic move, again, that demonstrates their subordinate position to us.

It is the nature of the masses to move quickly to forget the services done them by great individuals. Since the rise of Trump, Fox News reports on George Soros, average Conservatives of all ages, from all walks of life, have become Trumpists that border on our variety of Nationalism. Why do I insist on defending him? Because history should never forget how we managed to become the driving force in the national consciousness. I cannot abide ingratitude nor inaccuracy. However, I will not advise that the tactics of some activists in this movement that appear in opposition to Trump. There are a million shifting pieces in the game of American politics. We all have our part to play. I write so that these men do not become lost in what should be merely an act and not a genuine expression.

Enemies who’ve fallen to the MeToo Terror vol. 1

Samuel Adams Marat

Some people claim this whole #MeToo thing has gotten out of control. I don’t think so, as long as its bringing down the enemies of the Nation. Be warned, sluts: the moment you even dare to turn against Trump, you’re finished. Libshits will let you take off their heads. Come against us and it’ll be you on the chopping block next, metaphorically speaking. 😉

“Terror without virtue is fatal; virtue without terror is impotent. The terror is nothing but justice, prompt, severe, inflexible; it is thus an emanation of virtue.” – Maximilien Robespierre

Sure he was a shitlib, that’s why I love ramming their own medicine down their throats. Here’s to it choking their windpipes!


Some Jewish media perverts from New York got axed from their positions.

An ex-congressmen by the name of Harold Ford jr., who succeeded to his father SR’s seat in Congress and held it for ten years, denies allegations but previously emailed this woman apologizing for his conduct. GUILTY! On another topic, this African-style nepotism needs to be driven out of our republic like the plague…or “urbans youths”.

Benyamin Shapiro both claims that Al Franken was a “sacrifical lamb” of the Democrat party as well as trying to defend him by claiming oh so subtly that the Senate wouldn’t be able to drive him out if Roy Moore was elected. Your zombified base may have forgotten about your Globalist affiliations, Benyamin, but anybody with an attention span remembers that spat you and your cousin, Michelle Fields, were involved with back when you hated Trump with a bitter passion.

Oh come on, at this point, everyone should know that the vast majority of these people being found guilty of sex crimes is a Jew. Leo Frank, Woody Allen, Roman Polanski, Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer, Al Franken, and still fellow tribesmen like Ben Shapiro will circle the wagons to defend them. How do you think the ADL started? Now they’re crying that the Terror, which they started with that “War on Women” gag, is getting out of hand.  Its like every week, “Which Jew did it this time?” Its almost getting boring. I guess that’s why they threw Shaka Zulu in the mix, but we’ve already mentioned African Nepotism once in this article, we couldn’t possibly belabor the point much longer for the education of any of our readers who lean to the cuckold wing of politics. Like father, like son.

I guess there will always be mild mannered, moderate snowflakes that can’t handle hard truths*. To scream “anti-semitism! anti-semitism!” every time someone brings up bad-thought has been drilled into them since youth. Run, find your commissar! Oh wait, he’s gone down in the MeToo Terror as well. Better luck next time, freedom-hating parasites. Maybe it’ll be you thats hauled up in front of the tribunal of Public Opinion next?

Counter-revolutionary Globalist traitor, Alec Baldwin, has turned on well-known Globalist cranks, John Oliver and Stephen Colbert, for actively humiliating those who have fallen from grace. I smell fear, a fear that they once drank in like the scent of a fine wine from whichever “peasant” they or one of their co-conspirators against our liberty had outed this week. Rest assured, Fat Al has skeletons in his closet. “I wasn’t sexually assaulting them, your Honor. I was just bullying them…with my genitals.” It’s a far far better thing that he could to here today than anything he’s ever done, to confess his crimes to the public, rather than wait for one of his victims to step forward.

A moment of humor. Franken’s a real advocate for women alright. Very hands on.

Breaking Update! 18:25 12/07/17 – Kihuen ain’t getting no screwin

*NAxALT but enough of them are to where its a serious problem.

Stay tuned for Volume Two!

A Response to Mr. Wallace

His original article can be found here.

This is by no means a pot-shot at our allies in the struggle for a free America. I want to clear up any misconceived notions about what this response entails. This is an explanation of ideas which I have promoted in private and public that haven’t been addressed appropriately thus far. There has been a great deal of conflict in political, cultural and academic circles about the relationship between the North, the South and the “Union” to which they belong. There was a war about it. It is in the spirit of putting that conflict behind us and coming together finally as brothers with one cause that I pen this reply. The sentiments I express here are by no means new. They have been passed down generation to generation, finding a public and explosive realization in the conclusion of D.W. Griffith’s first film The Birth of a Nation wherein two families, one Northern and one Southern, come together to face a common foe as representative of one united Nation

That is the main thesis of this piece: we aren’t bound together by a piece of paper to which men now dead and many of whom are long forgotten affixed their signatures. It is not a crippled and dying form of government, who’s only hope for survival is through a Nationalist take-over, that unites us as a Nation. It is our blood as a new European Nation.

I say new because prior to the 20th century it wouldn’t be accurate to describe America as a Nation. In the 19th century, it would’ve been accurate to describe her as a tribal federation loosely bound before the Civil War, tightly bound thereafter. It was the blood shed in the world wars, the Cold War, and the titanic struggle for our own existence that currently faces us which has made us one Nation. A Bavarian, while he is still distinct and by no means just a bland cog in a nebulous machine called “Germany,” is still a German. A Southerner, a Northerner, a Mid-Westerner, a Heartlander, an Appalachian, an Alaskan, a Californian, and a Cascadian are all Americans, just as an Auvergnat, Parisian, Marseillain, Gascon, etc. are all French. We may come from different climates, however, we share a history, a language, war, peace, works of art, forms of government, religion and we all come from the same mother: Europe.

Why should we sunder that which exists in favor of that which is long buried in the past? It makes no sense, at least to me. Should we next advocate for Saxony, Bavaria, Westfalen to secede from Germany? Have they too not suffered at the hands of Prussia? What of Austria? Are they ethnically distinct or culturally distinct? There have been inter-ethnic conflicts before. Doubtless there will be again. Differences in ideas and cultural uniqueness aren’t the grounds for a separate Nation. If they were, Europe would be a patchwork of a hundred, maybe hundreds of different territories.  Should Russia, if there were ever another European Nation like Americans it would be the Russians, dissolve into Novgorodian, Moscovite, Siberian, etc? I think if Mr. Wallace were to take another look at the North, he would see that we are not all that different. Most of New England isn’t metropolitan like Boston. Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, even parts of Massachusetts and Connecticutt have much more in common with the rural South. We still treat each other with dignity. We still display hospitality and courtesy. We still have our religion, our commitment to hard work, our lumberjacks, our farmers. Though we have industrial workers, that which defines a Nation isn’t its economy or even the ground on which it treads but the Soul and its particular destiny. Contrary to popular opinion, we aren’t one sprawling city containing 12 million or so Americans and 2 million or so Others.

The destiny of the American Nation is the complete overlordship of the Western hemisphere, to build out of it a single American republic. As a Nation of some 200 millions, we do not necessarily have to augment our numbers with other European immigrants anymore. We are a Nation that is on the cusp of realizing that we are one Nation, not a hodge-podge of individuals, local communities, or even regions, and it will be the global war against the powers which have beset us as well as the fulfillment of our destiny which is causing that sense of Nationhood to become conscious in our country, whereas before it was just a whisper. There is more than enough room for unique regional cultures in this republic. I imagine that there will be even more that sprout up as we expand. Two-hundred and forty years of development towards a grand destiny, unlike that of any other European Nation that has ever existed under the sun, shouldn’t be abandoned because of five woeful years of blood.

Just as the Greeks realized who they were in the face of an Asiatic menace, so too have Americans realized who they are in the face of an (((Asiatic))) menace.

I invite Mr. Wallace to reply as this discussion can only be beneficial to the education of both parties on the topic of American Nationhood, what our differences are, what brings us together and how we must understand each other if we are to work together for victory.

White Flight No More

by William Wallace, Hartford CT

FEW PLACES CONJURE IMAGERY of America’s colonization and subsequent struggle for independence more so than New England. The revolutionary roots run deep, but the European roots run deeper as the region’s name indicates. The mementos and monuments still remain as a reminder to its past. Apart from the occasional Native American town name, the majority of town and city names herald the Anglo-Saxon heritage of its founders.

Those who have migrated elsewhere over time may no longer recognize their childhood towns and cities. Even those that have remained here seldom recognize their surroundings, and it has little to do with the comings and goings of businesses, residential developments, or infrastructural changes. The demographics have changed – and so have the communities, customs, and character.

White flight has run amok when moving several towns over no longer ‘solves’ the issue. The cities have been lost for decades, but now the urban influence is felt far and wide.

There has been northward migration to escape ‘crime’ or ‘overcrowding’ or other substitutive words that are coded language for diversity, which is in-and-of-itself a coded word for white displacement and dispossession. In short, white people are fleeing northwards to the more per capita white regions of New England such as Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. However, even these regions are no longer exempt from diversification and its accompanying woes.

Where economic or infrastructure barriers exist, the state seeks to come to the aid of the ‘oppressed’. Most New Englanders can give you anecdotal evidence of bussing in minorities to their schools or the state funding them to move in next door.

How can you flee diversity when the state encourages it to follow you? Taking a stand is an imperative as leaving the status quo unchallenged leads to a progression of change in the name diversity.

Since 2000, Lewiston, ME has been an example of the state altering communities for supposed altruistic ends. Taxpayers funded a burdening, growing refugee population that has shifted the politics, culture, and societal fabric without much resistance.

The area is no longer recognizable. Once the local and state governments cater to the changing demographics, it is near impossible to cut back without drastic measures.

Maine sought to provide welfare for its Somali guests only to see the effect on its bottom line. When trying to cut this the new community reacted and nipped the threat to its cash cow in the bud. The old adage “Give an inch, take a mile” comes to mind.

Running from the issue that no one seems to want to address solves nothing. Geographic change does not equate to any sort of victory; it is retreat – plain and simple. White flight is a white flag.

In Connecticut for instance, New Haven whites fled to towns like Hamden and West Haven, Hartford whites fled to the likes of Glastonbury and West Hartford, and so on and so forth. Now?

Most of these towns are no longer homogenous and absent of vibrant diversity. Buckland Hills Mall used to be the upscale mall in Manchester, but now it is home to loiterers, petty thefts, and a notable absence of white patrons.

The state assists in the forced diversification of predominately white areas. Little towns like East Hampton have seen Section 8 housing encroach into the small, semi-rural town centers. The towns get needed state money at the expense of its residents.

Another example of the failure of white flight is the present heroin epidemic plaguing the country, but New England in particular. Suburbs came to be due to white flight, shielding middle and upper-class families from daily exposure to substance abusers driven mad by addiction.

Even leftist ‘progressive’ propaganda mills such as and just-left-of-neutral outlets such as cannot help but admit that the current opioid epidemic overwhelmingly affects white middle-to-upper class males. Salon only reports such facts due to a lapse in judgement in a moment of righteous euphoria – more dead white people is cause for joy to the cultural Marxist!

One may attribute such a rise in addiction among whites (not just heroin or meth) to a rise in deracination, disenfranchisement. Whites have been deprived of their identity and affirming who they are to the extent we adopt other cultures while demeaning our own. It should be no surprise when they seek reprieve from the bottom of a bottle or the end of a syringe’s plunger.

This is a problem Americans cannot run away from. Whether it be the state forcing non-whites to move in next door or drugs seeping into the suburban and rural communities, the problems will always follow those that flee when failing to address the underlying issues.

When you treat the symptoms yet not the disease, the patient will suffer if not die. If New England does not address its identity cancer, the cultural cancer will grow – and the remaining white population will waste away into the pages of history books.

Tim Rich: Clinton’s Bitch

Samuel Adams Marat

Maine Communist and candidate for Senate Tim Rich claims that he almost ran his business into the ground and, with your support, he’ll do the same for your employer!

Progressive Democrat Tim Rich claims in an interview that there were ‘difficult’ and ‘stressful’ times when his unreasonable wages and fiscal irresponsibility made it so he ‘wondered if his paychecks were going to clear or not’. His total lack of concern for the financial stability of his employees coupled with his blind faith in demonstrably ineffective Liberal economic policies proves his election would be detrimental for the people of Maine.

Maine has been through some hard times recently. Bucksport, Lincoln, and Milinocket have all lost their mills which were foundations of the community. There are many who are unemployed and need opportunities to provide for their families. Tim Rich’s anti-job rhetoric is simply not what is needed to increase economic opportunity here in Maine.

Maine Can’t Afford Tim Rich.

Tim Rich’s irresponsibility running his own business is just one edge to the sword; he also supports Obamacare.

Now, universal healthcare can be a worthwhile program in an ethnically homogeneous nation with a strong work ethic and high social trust. That simply isn’t where the United States finds itself right now. Social trust has never been lower and the United States is overflowing with cultures that view the State as credit card to be maxxed out. His Socialist philosophy that you, a white working New Englander, has a moral imperative to pay out of pocket for the irresponsibility of an unemployed Somalian immigrant and her two, three or even four children is an economic recipe for disaster.

But Tim Rich doesn’t care. Just like he almost ran his hippie Bar Harbor coffee shop into the ground, he’ll do the same to the nation if given the opportunity.

Maine Can’t Afford Tim Rich.

Tim Rich is attempting to take over the second district. It is the largest geographically and one of the most rural in the nation. He claims to represent working Mainers, (he brags about being a seventh generation Mainer but then counter-signals racial consciousness), but has an active plan to cripple the rural economy and make rural White Mainers totally dependent on the State. Once he has his way, his constituents will totally be at the mercy of the Socialists in office for the healthcare and daily bread.

That’s just not the way we do things in Maine.

Maine Can’t Afford Tim Rich.

Here’s his facebook page. Why don’t you drop a line and let Tim Rich know


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Counter-Revolution Failed

Samuel Adams Marat

Within mere hours of the passionate call to arms of this blog, the illegal and ridiculous impeachment process spear-headed by Rep. Al Green has failed. Making a trend of pre-mature ejaculations, the Globalists have again blown their wad too soon. Al Green released a suspicious statement “clarifying” a relationship with an aide. Does he think we are stupid? This statement only fuels further curiosity. What is really going on behind closed doors? What does he presume, in his arrogance, that he can hide from the common “peasantry”? Will Green’s head be the next to roll for the Terror? Speaking of which the chorus of Democratic senators, with even Chuck Schumer joining in, have been frantically calling for Al Franken to resign. Rats, sinking ship, etc.. We expect his statement of resignation to come Thursday. That’s two of the Israeli dual citizens down, with a third crossing tribal lines to denounce his kin. Perhaps that was part of the embassy deal?

Can our cuckold friends like Shitt Romney and John McLame hear that? That is the goddess of victory singing the ruin of the Globalist Reaction against the Nationalist Revolution. They should take care, everyone has skeletons in their closet, and under this administration, nothing is off limits. The ultimate praise should go to President Trump and Steven Bannon, without whom none of this could be possible. We may not see things 100% the same way, however, in the end we share a passionate love for this country and its people. One by one, the enemies of America fall. One by one, we come closer to the freedom we once enjoyed before the Reign of Terror, before the importation of hordes of vicious mercenaries by the Democrat party.