Tim Rich: Clinton’s Bitch

Samuel Adams Marat

Maine Communist and candidate for Senate Tim Rich claims that he almost ran his business into the ground and, with your support, he’ll do the same for your employer!

Progressive Democrat Tim Rich claims in an interview that there were ‘difficult’ and ‘stressful’ times when his unreasonable wages and fiscal irresponsibility made it so he ‘wondered if his paychecks were going to clear or not’. His total lack of concern for the financial stability of his employees coupled with his blind faith in demonstrably ineffective Liberal economic policies proves his election would be detrimental for the people of Maine.

Maine has been through some hard times recently. Bucksport, Lincoln, and Milinocket have all lost their mills which were foundations of the community. There are many who are unemployed and need opportunities to provide for their families. Tim Rich’s anti-job rhetoric is simply not what is needed to increase economic opportunity here in Maine.

Maine Can’t Afford Tim Rich.

Tim Rich’s irresponsibility running his own business is just one edge to the sword; he also supports Obamacare.

Now, universal healthcare can be a worthwhile program in an ethnically homogeneous nation with a strong work ethic and high social trust. That simply isn’t where the United States finds itself right now. Social trust has never been lower and the United States is overflowing with cultures that view the State as credit card to be maxxed out. His Socialist philosophy that you, a white working New Englander, has a moral imperative to pay out of pocket for the irresponsibility of an unemployed Somalian immigrant and her two, three or even four children is an economic recipe for disaster.

But Tim Rich doesn’t care. Just like he almost ran his hippie Bar Harbor coffee shop into the ground, he’ll do the same to the nation if given the opportunity.

Maine Can’t Afford Tim Rich.

Tim Rich is attempting to take over the second district. It is the largest geographically and one of the most rural in the nation. He claims to represent working Mainers, (he brags about being a seventh generation Mainer but then counter-signals racial consciousness), but has an active plan to cripple the rural economy and make rural White Mainers totally dependent on the State. Once he has his way, his constituents will totally be at the mercy of the Socialists in office for the healthcare and daily bread.

That’s just not the way we do things in Maine.

Maine Can’t Afford Tim Rich.

Here’s his facebook page. Why don’t you drop a line and let Tim Rich know


Are you interested in standing up and resisting Communism in Maine and throughout New England? Contact us to get involved and we’ll get you started.


Counter-Revolution Failed

Samuel Adams Marat

Within mere hours of the passionate call to arms of this blog, the illegal and ridiculous impeachment process spear-headed by Rep. Al Green has failed. Making a trend of pre-mature ejaculations, the Globalists have again blown their wad too soon. Al Green released a suspicious statement “clarifying” a relationship with an aide. Does he think we are stupid? This statement only fuels further curiosity. What is really going on behind closed doors? What does he presume, in his arrogance, that he can hide from the common “peasantry”? Will Green’s head be the next to roll for the Terror? Speaking of which the chorus of Democratic senators, with even Chuck Schumer joining in, have been frantically calling for Al Franken to resign. Rats, sinking ship, etc.. We expect his statement of resignation to come Thursday. That’s two of the Israeli dual citizens down, with a third crossing tribal lines to denounce his kin. Perhaps that was part of the embassy deal?

Can our cuckold friends like Shitt Romney and John McLame hear that? That is the goddess of victory singing the ruin of the Globalist Reaction against the Nationalist Revolution. They should take care, everyone has skeletons in their closet, and under this administration, nothing is off limits. The ultimate praise should go to President Trump and Steven Bannon, without whom none of this could be possible. We may not see things 100% the same way, however, in the end we share a passionate love for this country and its people. One by one, the enemies of America fall. One by one, we come closer to the freedom we once enjoyed before the Reign of Terror, before the importation of hordes of vicious mercenaries by the Democrat party.

The Voice of a Nation 12/6/17

Samuel Adams Marat

Zucker, Dunham, Clinton, and others, all conspirators in the rape and murder of American women by their Afro-mestizo mercenaries and the 1%. Traitors to the Republic, enemies of the Nation. They despise Trump and Nationalists because we have risen up to put an end to the malicious entertainment that they extract out of torturing this nation. We have been beset with the greatest evil our country has ever faced. They, the Globalists, Judeo-Democrats and Clintonians, want us to ignore the perverse outrages they commit upon our contrymen and lend our focus to bogus, over-hyped calumnies thrown like a monkey hurling its own feces at Roy Moore. Truly they have thrown their own shit at an esteemed son of the American people, hoping that his loyal base of upright American patriots will lynch him instead of the real public enemies.

These same people killed Kate Steinle and let her killer run free with glee. Two kinds of people believe the murderer’s contorted and ever-changing story: morons and traitors. These same people waste trillions of dollars in wars which have endowed us only with dead brothers, disfigured fathers and traumatised sons. And yet they demand more! “More blood, so long as it is American!” is their party platform, “Be it abroad or at home, what is the difference?” How can we be surprised by this insatiable hunger for blood when their own ancestors burned their own children alive as sacrifice to the Middle Eastern devils they worshipped? They want Charnel-house America, Charnel-house Europe, Charnel-House A-NZ, not satisified with the butchering of white Haitians, Rhodesians and South Africans. The American elite “luv luv luvs” these countries. They love them so much they want our country to be like them.

The evidence is before our very eyes of a conspiracy on which even former Globalist shills provide coverage, and still there are Americans who are not up in arms. They wonder why, until Donald Trump, the Left always pushed and always won. The Left had passion. Passion wins and no cuckservative has ever felt the impetus to win, because, they were paid to lose. These zombies are more responsible than the 1% for the decline of our country, the desecration of our heritage and the rape of the American people. Their treason is far more subtle as they cloak it in the laziness, cowardice and acquiesence to slaughter that is “Moderatism” in this country. Countrymen, it is the time for Radicalism. Everything isn’t alright. This won’t go away by switching on Netflix, getting drunk or otherwise tunning it out. Only our everyday battle against this evil assault on all that we love, all that our fathers won for us, and all that we wish to leave for our children. If we do not act NOW they will have nothing, save a sword through their heart. You can be sure who will buy and pay their murderers.

This is a call to arms for us all. The traitors must be voted out of office and if they/when they do not hold this office, arrested. Be they in Hollywood, the viper’s den on Wall Street, or in the very halls of our once exalted State! The Nation has accused them. The Nation will try them. The Nation will determine their fate. There is no more time for waiting. The rats are fleeing a sinking ship, let’s make sure they all drown. Desperation among their ranks has a fueled a drive to unseat Trump and invalidate the will of the American Nation (not the will of Traitors and their anti-white marauders) via the Russian Sham. They have had the audacity to disregard the Voice of the Nation for over a year.

Make no mistake, they and their international bandits, who rape and pillage at will in Europe already, will initiate a mass slaughter of Americans if they succeed in illegally deposing Trump. We need Trump to help us save this country. In electing him, in exercising our basic rights as human beings, we have entered a death ground where it is either the Traitors or us. None of us are safe. The Traitors have ensured that by spreading their imported Hordes of readily mobilized monsters far across this nation. They celebrated Hillary too soon and were caught in the act of beginning this stage in the destruction of America. Had Trump not been elected, I shudder to think of the crimes against Americans that would be rationalized solely because we are Europeans. No doubt, Kate Steinle thought she was safe as do the tens of thousands victimized by the capricious barbarism of the monsters across this country. The very memory of a safe and peaceful country is dying around us, and it will slip past us forever if we do not act NOW. 

Everyone in the elite knows. Everyone in the 1% is complicit. They were all laughing about the abuses they would inflict on we “peasants” until Trump was elected President. We know who the friends of America are just as well as we know her enemies. Not one moment’s hesitation, and a single step backwards is just the same as treason. It is a time for Radicalism. It is time to turn the Reign of Terror back against the tyrants who intiated it. Elect Moore. Elect Nationalists wherever they run. Defend the duly elected President of the United States, the foremost friend of her People. Then we demand the following:

  • Reduce in the cost of living. An affordable future for the American family.
  • Put pressure on the rich to create wealth in our country. A prosperous future.
  • Make Social Security and Medicaid work for the American people by creating more American people. Give men and women a meaning in life with a family.
  • Campus reform – treason trials for those who preach hatred and slaughter of Americans. We need institutions of art, science and progress, not centers for enslavement through debt.

Join up, make a difference.

The Snake Flake

Samuel A. Marat

Set to go down in history with the likes of Benedict Arnold, Jeff Flake persists in anti-American posturing, repeatedly proving to us that $$$$ > country. Unlike Benedict Arnold, you couldn’t even cut off his leg and bury it with honors. The whole body would have to be hanged for treason. Not content with selling out his country as a sitting senator, he hopes to sell out his country in retirement as well. Some men are forced into betraying their country for whichever puppet-master has their hand inserted into the anus, up their body, to move their lips. Jeff Flake appears to be doing it out of his own free will. Truly, he is a virtuoso to Traitors, a lover of the craft. Rarely in the history of Humanity have Nations been cursed with the likes of Jeff Flake. Even Judas Iscariot had to be tempted with thirty shekels of silver.

Make no mistake, whether you have come here as a “liberal” or a “conservative,” the battle lines have been drawn between those who have no place in our country, Globalists, and those who love our country, its people and its freedom with a passion that cannot abide the infectious presence of slithering parasites on our soil, Nationalists. The middle ground has been destroyed, and you can blame the Reign of Terror against Americans who are denounced as “racist nazis” whenever we stand up for our heritage. They spit on us as peasants, at the same time having the audacity to claim that they support us over the (((rich))), who have a peculiar, completely inexplicable love for a certain Middle Eastern country that they exalt while undermining the security of our own. My countrymen, the Globalists, Liberals and Cuckservatives are the rich! The rich are the most liberal/Globalist of all the citizens of the United States. Do you really think they would ever permit the politicians they paid for to side against them? No! They want a return on their investment.

Donald Trump, Steven Bannon, and those in our camp are the only people the rich do not own because they haven’t been for sale from the very beginning. That is why the rich, be they in AIPAC, CPAC, the RNC or the DNC despise them. You can acquiesce to be a gaslit serf as they want and love your chains, or rise up and smash them. Countrymen, you know which path to take!

Join up, make a difference.

*as of now, Sam will be a regular contributor and our foremost Satirst.

Big Val’s Big Meltdown

Samuel A. Marat – guest piece

Mayor Val Johnson, ironically named as no one would ever give her the Johnson, has demonstrated once again the insanity of her anti-American positions through her own conduct. Shaking and shrieking, due to her figure the shaking was quite tremendous, she denounced Councillor Gina Bauman who had the gall to make a tame remark in slight divergence from the remark of another councillor asserting that everyone on the council had “white privilege,” which anybody with sense knows is used equivalently to “magic voodoo” to explain the failings of those members of other races who have no alternative to assert their pathetic will to power.

Valley, so named for the spaces between her rolls of fat, was crying by the time she was done harranguing her fellow councillor for “racism.” What does it say of our country that these mentally unstable, plus sized children have any say in matters of importance? These are the would-be Robespierres of today. This is their Reign of Terror. Americans have had their freedom strangled in silence until now out of fear that blubbering, blubbery monstrosities like Val “Getting no” Johnson will get them fired, disowned by friends and family, or thrown out onto the street. No more! The Tyrants will fall!

The “Sex” angle of this Reign of Terror, meeting a firm rejection from Nationalists who have weathered the storm and come out on top despite it, have turned against the evil cretins who sustained it such as equally obese Harvey Weinstein and the blubbering sodomite Kevin Spacey. When Big Val’s time comes, the monster she has unleashed will be full for two whole weeks with all on which it has to dine.

As for we “privileged whites,” against whom monsters such as Val Johnson are hard at work attempting to legitimize and de-criminalize all forms of violence, we shall sing “Ah ça ira“! The tide has turned. Actors, directors, journalists, politicians, businessmen, no one is safe from the beast that has broken from its chains. Thermidor has come and the tyrants will fall one by one. Trump shall see them driven from government with the aid of the Great Bannon, at whom all enemies of American liberty tremble with trepidation.

Video of the exploding lolcow can be found here

Join up, make a difference: https://forum.therightstuff.biz/groups/yankees

The Infamous Grassley

Samuel A. Marat – guest piece

To the infamous Chucky GrASSley: better taxpayers drink beer, romance their wives and enjoy entertainment than snort cocaine, violate children of both sexes, kill hookers and corrupt their souls with the betrayal of the Nation as you and your colleagues do. To the American, life’s meaning isn’t about money and its hoarding. Why should I speak of matters of the soul to one who has none? The only romance he knows is that of little boys and corpses. The only entertainment he appreciates is how he and his “opponents” in the Democrat wing of the Globalist Party kick back at the end of the day to laugh about whatever fresh outrage they have wrought for our country. I imagine he tops it all off with a glass of champagne.

GrASSley speaks out of one side of his mouth for small family business while spreading his other cheeks for the (((Globalists))) and their perfidious accomplices in the 1%, who love to import cheap laborers that slaughter little girls like Kate Steinle, then laugh when we “beer-drinking peasants” demand justice be done. Instead of condemning the horrendous crime that was the verdict in that case, he wastes time smearing our country’s middle and working class. He has said a lot about “border enforcement,” but frankly, I’ll believe it when I see him patrolling our borders with an AR. With comments like this, we know where the hearts of all our wonderful senators and congressmen really lie: in the wallet of whoever owns them!

Join up, make a difference: https://forum.therightstuff.biz/groups/yankees

Trump’s statement to the Poles

“President Trump delivered a staunch defense of Western values during a rousing speech Thursday to thousands of Poles in Warsaw’s Krasinski Square, rallying allies against what he described as “dire threats” to civilization and vowing, “the West will never, ever be broken.”

“On his second overseas trip as president, Trump voiced confidence in the resolve of Western nations to confront common threats but said allies must remember who they are to topple those challenges. Trump said nations must have the will to protect borders and preserve civilization from those who would destroy it.”

“Just as Poland cannot be broken, I declare today for the world to hear that the West will never, ever be broken,” Trump said. “Our values will prevail, our people will thrive and our civilization will triumph.”

“In sweeping terms, Trump used the address to cheer the contributions of Western societies, as the enthusiastic crowd frequently broke out in applause and chants of “USA” and “Donald Trump.”

“We write symphonies, we pursue innovation. … We reward brilliance. We strive for excellence, and cherish inspiring works of art that honor God,” the U.S. president said. “We treasure the rule of law and protect the right to free speech and free expression. … We debate everything, we challenge everything, we seek to know everything so that we can better know ourselves.”

“Do we have the confidence in our values to defend them at any cost? Do we have the desire and courage to preserve our civilization in the face of those who subvert and destroy it?” Trump asked. “If we don’t have strong families and strong values, we will be weak, and we will not survive.”

“Trump also took a swipe at “the steady creep of government bureaucracy,” which he said is an “invisible” danger “on both sides of the Atlantic.”

“We must work together to confront forces whether they come from inside or out, south or east, that threaten to undermine these values and erase the bonds of culture, faith and tradition that makes us who we are,” Trump said. “These forces are doomed to fail if we want them to fail, and we do indeed want them to fail.”

Go on and tell me he isn’t a Nationalist. Our kind of Nationalist. Not a Proud Boy “Western Chauvinist.” Our people doesn’t mean everyone who sets foot on our magic dirt. Again, we American Nationalists only support our President and the natural conclusions of his ideas. Trump has come and Trump will go but, the American Nation will remain.


Independence Day

People who whine about White hatred ignore that Whites are not only the most hated, but the only race that is acceptable in the eyes of the fading elite to hate.  This hatred, founded upon greed for the fruits of our own success, is a weapon being used to destroy us. The (((Globalists))) never deny this and neither do their auxiliaries, yet if we notice this and speak out against it, they try to hound us out of our jobs, threaten to assault our homes, or to take away our children. When we have a clear understanding about how the world and the people in it function, it becomes a direct threat to their power. Their power is built on a foundation of lies. Big lies. Tolerance for all peoples is one of those lies. It is used selectively. We Americans are expected to tolerate the existence of all peoples. Through movements like BLM, the Globalists are trying to give these peoples the right to rob, rape and kill us. These are a few examples of people openly speaking about what they want for us. They are in positions of influence. They are well-respected in their communities. They are not alone. Until Trump, they were getting their way without opposition. Look how far the mighty have fallen. It is up to us to continue and eventually finish what he started. We are the natural conclusion of all his actions, thoughts and policies.

“We’ll keep bashing the dead White males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as the White race is destroyed. Not deconstructed, but destroyed.” – Noel Ignatiev, Harvard Professor

“The goal of abolishing the White race is on its face so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed White supremacists.” – Noel Ignatiev

When they say “White Supremacy” they mean white people who do not want to be destroyed. When they say “racism,” what they mean is white people who refuse to be weak. When they say “sexism,” what they mean is white people who refuse to buy into the poisonous ideologies and life-styles which only succeed in destroying those who sucuumb to them and their communities. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will come back to haunt those who speak them.

“Is it the duty of every good revolutionary to kill every newborn White baby?” -A member of the Weather Underground remembering the general thought of one of the Weather Underground meetings.

Members from this open terrorist organization which bombed buildings and attempted (unsuccessfully) to murder public servants have not been sent to prison. Some even teach at universities and collaborated with the Obama campaign like Bill Ayers.

“All I want for Christmas is White Genocide. To clarify: when the whites were massacred during the Haitian revolution, that was a good thing indeed.” – George Ciccariello-Maher, professor of politics and global studies at Drexel University, Philadelphia.

“Whether or not your individual ancestors owned slaves, you as a White person have benefited from slavery and are complicit in it. Sorry. We should commit mass suicide.” – Adam Kotsko, assistant humanities professor at Shimer College, Illinois.

This is an instance where a non-American poses as an American so that his message will not be taken as hostile but as pious support of the death-cult that is Globalism.

“We have got to eliminate the gringo, and what I mean by that is if the worst comes to the worst, we have got to kill him” – Jose Angel Guttierez, Chicano activist and university professor.

“And then finally I want to say that we need one idea, and we’re not thinking about a solution to the problem … And the one idea is, how we are going to exterminate White people because that in my estimation is the only conclusion I have come to. We have to exterminate white people off the face of the planet.” – Kamau Kambon, former professor of African-American Studies.

Would the average American react with indifference if the Grand Dragon of the KKK taught at Harvard that all Africans, Jews and Asians must be lynched? Of course not. Not a single Liberal or Cuckservatives protests these people. In fact, many such as Ben Shapiro will publicly admit that they do not care about the eventual erasure of Americans from America. They are Wallet Republicans. Their time is passing. Our’s has just arrived.

“And for the record, I do not care about the eventual browning of America.” – Ben Shapiro’s twitter.

He doesn’t care because he isn’t American. He can always run away to Israel if things go horribly here. Look at the political positions of these dual citizens in America. They will support Nationalist policies at home and Globalism in the United States. Ben Shapiro may, like a snake, try to slither back into the good graces of Americans, but there are those of us who still remember how he and his ethnic cousin attempted to wage a character assassination on Corey Lewandowski during Trump’s early campaign which ultimately proved to be founded utterly on lies. Imagine my shock. There is a reason Benyamin no longer writes for Breitbart.

“I think the burden is on those of us who are in the majority — you know, the Caucasians here. We have to put ourselves in situations where we are in the minority.” – Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton’s Vice Presidential candidate in 2016.

“Absolutely minority – fewer than 50 percent of the people in America, from then and on, will be white European stock. That’s not a bad thing. That’s a source of our strength.” – Vice President Jospeh Biden, 2009-2016.

By “our strength,” they mean their strength. They mean their ability to rule over a population of submissive slaves with massive wealth and power. Their ability to walk all over the freedoms which our Founding Fathers and every heroic generation up to the present day bled and died to win for us. Freedom was born in Europe and has flourished in America. Globalists have lied time and again trying to divorce sacred values from the people who gave them birth. Take a look at the Turd World and tell me how well Western values are implemented there. Unlike Wallet Republicans/Cuckservatives, we do not care more about our “respectability” today than survival tomorrow.

“People it’s inevitable, a beige horizon.
Brown meets White, no use in disguisin’.
People out makin’ whoopee, color-blinded by love.
Genetic criss-crossin’, forgot to wear a glove.
Whoops! There it goes generational drip.
Look at the pure-breeds losing their grip.

Beige power, beige power! Mixy mix arousin’
Gonna look the same by the year 3000.
Beige power, beige power, can’t fool us with hate.
‘dis is Canada bitch, we already great!” – CBC propaganda comedy, Canadian state television

They are telling us straight to our faces that they want us to disappear. Its inconceivable to any clear-thinking man that there still are people who think the “power” of good-feels is more valuable than their own continued existence, our own ability to determine the fate of our communities and our country. Dr. Jospeh Warren didn’t die at Bunker Hill so hordes of non-whites could shoot and gang-rape his descendants.

“So if you’re a gang member and you would normally be killing somebody, why not kill a white person?” – Lisa Williamson “Sister Soulja”, US author and rapper.

“I think as adults, we’re perhaps too aware of examples of this “forced multiculturalism”—TV shows, movies, books where there’s one black, one white, one Asian, one Latino character, etc. But as a kid, I never saw this as a bad thing—I wanted it, forced or not—and to many kids (and adults), it isn’t unrealistic and it isn’t forced.” – Children’s Book Council Diversity Committee

“Mozart, Pascal, Boolean algebra, Shakespeare, parliamentary government, baroque churches, Newton, the emancipation of women, Kant, Balanchine ballets, et al. don’t redeem what this particular civilization has wrought upon the world. The white race is the cancer of human history.” – Susan Sontag, writer, filmmaker, professor

What do you think they want to do with cancer? If a German National Socialist said this about Jews, these words would cause Americans to view them as absolute evil, but when it is directed towards us what is our reaction? Often nothing. Globalists love National Socialism. They only hate it if its White people doing it. They practice it all the time. Why do you think they defend shovelling your hard-earned money into the outstretched hands of a Detroit sow with thirty little D-Moneys? Two hundred years ago we called this foreign occupation and sacking. Now the sackless idiots who threw away our country want us to accept this state of affairs over some ludicrous nonsensical idea that these useless people will “pay for our pensions.” Keep importing them and you won’t live long enough to enjoy that pension. Unlike the last two generations, we won’t get blitzed, watch sportsball, eat, shit and sleep our lives away until we have nothing but a cold grave. We will reassert the independence of our nation which God gave to us.

Our Kin-opposition will admit that we have the right to express these opinions. Our Foreign-opposition, which weaseled its way into positions of influence and now poses as home-grown, will vehemently deny us and all those who belong to our Nation the right to resist our own decimation even if it is only by words. No more insidious, no more vicious, no more murderous a tyranny has ever been instituted. One could add treasonous to this list as well, considering they continually attempt to subvert the lawful government of this land and twist all its processes and institutions towards their own vile ends.

Guess what, goys? We the Loyalist establishment now.

“Within the party we should not look at the flaws of so-called “foreign Swedes” as a problem. Instead it is we, the White majority, which is so numerous. We have to understand that we are the problem.” – Mona Sahlin, Party Leader of the Swedish Social Democrats.

In Sweden, they give out community service to those who rape Swedish girls. The Globalists that control Sweden, those who’s power over us is floundering, desperately want the same for us. Their morality is founded only on the destruction, first of our heritage, then of ourselves. We will spit in the faces of these criminals and erase what little influence they have left. There have already been cases like that which we thought confined only to Europe which are sprouting up over here. Those who choose to plug their ears can run, but they can’t hide.

Fortunately, the bastards haven’t censored every Alt-Right website. Better read them quick before the Corporate Stasi crack down again.

A Friendly Reminder


The President of the United States is praising a country which resists the non-white invasion of Europe. “Hate” speech has been ruled to be covered under free speech by the Supreme Court. Any employer that fires a man for speaking in favor of Nationalism is firing somebody over politics, not the invented sin of “racism.” There is no such thing as racism. We are who we are. Only We the American people are asked why we would want to identify as white. Nobody asks Africans, Chinese, Indians, Arabs or any other people why they identify as what they are. Don’t bother mentioning slavery, genocides, etc.. A garden variety ignoramus “Racialist” may be too poorly read to see through that, we are not. Everyone has kept slaves. Everyone has wiped nations off the face of the earth. Those who lead the chorus of shouting and screaming the loudest at a single people who have done these things to the exclusion of all other peoples are often the worst of history’s murderers and slave-drivers, or they aspire to be.

There is a distinction in our own country among whites between Puritans and Americans. There are those who seek to hunt out all dissent and punish it like blue-haired, pierced nose Torquemadas. They no longer have any power. It is fading and they know this. They have tried to sit on the lid of Nationalism for too long. For too long they have tried to repress Nature and she is a wild woman. The lid has blown off and them with it. They will try to incite violence and their auxiliaries will try to carry it out. Individuals of these groups have already assassinated police in our own country. In the United Kingdom, they have sawn off the head of one of Her Royal Highnesses’ soldiers and kidnapped countless girls to sell into sex slavery. In Sweden, they live stream the rapes of girls and then get forty hours community service. People wish to ignore it even when it happens to their own children, even when a heap of statistics shout their voices down. Even the lowest of beasts defends its children against attackers. When all others flee the field, we stand true.

It will never be Americans who fire the first shot. We are by nature peace-loving people, but the devils who seek war will quickly discover what we taught Britain, Mexico, Spain, Japan and countless others when they struck at us.

If an American brings up concerns about their loss of power and the attempts to obliterate their heritage, they are met with ludicrous questions assaulting their character. If an African brings up concerns about “victimhood” and “oppression”, expect every useless and spineless cretin within five hundred miles to get on both knees and beg to do whatever they can to win his approval. There are people who will laugh when you point out the dangers forced upon us by the would-be chattel drivers seeking to destroy our soul. These people were born to be powerless toys of movers and shakers, now writhing in their own self-hatred. In ten, twenty, or a hundred years, this sort will be laughing at any attempt to convince them that they should not be proud white men with a right to their own place within the world. Their sum total of existence is to drink a beer at the end of a work day, then sleep.

That is not an American. To believe we used to create men who dreamed of conquering continents and exploring different worlds! This isn’t an obituary. These men aren’t yet dead, just sleeping. If shame won’t wake them up, something else will. The truth is that they live every day of their lives in shame. It’s so deep in their soul that they aren’t even conscious of its operations. Sleeper, this is what you could become awake.

Passion for life and for power. Refusal to take commands from up-jumped money-changers whose sole claim to a position of influence is that they have swindled the entire world out of its savings. You might say “Whiner.” I will definitely reply “Whipped dog.” Yes, Americans do not tolerate con-men, frumpy shrews, and eloquent tricksters to sit on thrones above us. An American works with his two hands. He puts his mind to action. He fulfills something vital in life. He is alive! He doesn’t fear the consequences of speaking his mind, and he does not tolerate his freedom to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to be infringed.

That is exactly what these Globalists, the Puritans and their auxiliaries are doing, and we won’t ask nicely for them to stop. We will campaign ceaselessly just as those who have come before us did until we have won. We will not be misled into desperate actions like those which people were baited into in the last century. Every month our strength grows. Everywhere among the sleeping masses of pale flesh, we find souls waiting to be reborn in the fiery truth of their own nature. Why wait outside in a dark chilly night with your balls growing icicles when you could come inside, sit by a roaring flame and find peace? Why would you play a losing hand time and again when you know that you can play a winning one? An American man was born for adventure and glory. It is time for those generations capable of living to seize this spirit and never let it go. The alternative is just so boring.

Those who have consistently assaulted the heritage and very frequently the bodies of our kin pose a direct threat to the freedom won for us in blood by our Founding Fathers and renewed with the same price every generation. Name a single Founding Father that would not stand shoulder to shoulder with we Nationalists. Name a single non-white delegate to the Constitutional Convention. No matter how much Puritans and Globalists like to re-write and erase our history like some Orwellian nightmare, we will not let them or anyone else forget who we are. The alternative is the abyss for which they have been long preparing for us. No amount of begging, rationalizing and declaration of being an “ally” or even a neutral party will save those damned to the Hell designated for them based on their blood.

The Future

This is a brotherhood, not an edgy bar hopping association. Mistakes are necessary. I wouldn’t call the early development of our groups a mistake. They were necessary for us to become what we are now. Evolution is a series of mistakes which produces greatness. We are currently evolving into something large and worthwhile. Some other American groups, in my opinion, are leading the way in the same vein that Generation Identitaire started several years ago. The most crucial element to brotherhood is a shared identity which creates a shared purpose. That is our grand purpose, one which transcends our individual and collective lives. Personal purposes, some smaller, some just as great, are many. All involve self-improvement.

We must always be willing to learn from our mistakes and fix them. Adaptation is key to evolution. Other movements’ greatest mistake was in not building a brotherhood. They lacked the kind of leadership that can wait, calculate, plan and strike when opportune. We need and appreciate all kinds of leadership where it gets results. Desperation, doom and gloom overcame them. They were isolated, infiltrated and destroyed. History will not repeat itself. We aren’t a rag-tag assembly of easily shattered loners. We can’t be broken. We aren’t one man but many. First we build the brotherhood, then we build the Family.

There is nothing outside this Family. We and our blood-kin belong to it in totality. No one matters outside this family. If they do, they still matter less. The others aren’t American. They are murkans; deracinated, empty and purposeless atoms. Dead matter drifting into nothingness. We are the only ones who live with purpose today. We are angry and this anger is our drive. Everybody else floats around between fleeting passions designed by the usual suspects to de-fang and destroy them.

This is all part of the evolutionary process. We have to become detached from this battle to win it. Too much emotion will leave us drained. Not enough emotion will leave us lethargic. Use your anger. Don’t let it overpower and stew within you. This is an opportunity for the sharpest and the strongest, the best among our Nations to rise to the top. The old elites are sapped of their strength. Empty and done. Lifeless. This isn’t just a game where we can see who adopts the most radical position. It excites me and it should excite you.

Fake events, fake lives, fake everything have dulled the American man’s mind and weakened his body in ways we are only just beginning to understand. If the current wite male wants to make something of himself and stop chasing pointless little breadcrumbs he has one road: the Family. That’s the kind of man we want to bring into the Family. Men with drive. Men who want to get ahead in life, and who are willing to work for it. I can think of a way in which the wite female can make something of herself: the Family. The Family will make a sharp man the sharpest. We will help you get past addiction, get fit, get educated (actually educated), get a job, find a home, everything. Once you’re in our corner, we’re behind you one hundred percent. The most important thing we can give you is a purpose. Purposelessness is the source of modern man’s misery.

Murkan interests align with American interests, which are White interests, but as long as they sit on their bottoms and stay asleep, I couldn’t care less about them. Why should we? They’re useless, purposeless wretches with nothing to live for. They are wasting God’s gift to man for money, poison, everything which dies in moments, rather than living for what matters. If they want people who care about them, people who will act for our interests, people who will protect us from evil and help us to protect ourselves: the Family. Little murkan boy, those suited shits who you slave away for laugh at you and spit at you. No one is ever going to spit at you in the Family, but you have to commit yourself to us.

Whether we are from New England, Dixie, the Great Lakes, Texas, the east or the west, we are Family. That’s more important than any moniker that we might invent for our own regions. More importantly, its true. We’re bound by blood, spirit and the soil in which countless generations sleep. Its emotional, not a philosophical entity. No smart person ever died for a glittering generality. No smart person ever lived for a little political description. Nothing breaks this bond, and if there is something which does, the blood-breaker will be damned to hell. Hell is a very real place. It’s in your heart. Its in this world and the next. No one will remember the traitor’s name except to spit on it. Would we betray our mothers, our fathers, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters? No!

When starting out, it is natural for the movement to attract a lot of unattached guys. This isn’t a bad thing. Single men, especially single young men, are the class most willing to embrace radical change. It benefits us. Our struggle isn’t one of ideas and philosophy but of identity and power. The Globalists have tried to push White men to the bottom of the totem pole in American society. They try to feminize the men and slutify the women to destroy us. This isn’t the 20th century. We are not safe. This isn’t a battlefield of ideas where the stakes are living under a different kind of government. This is life and death. Western civilization has been taken hostage by foreign peoples who seek to rape and destroy it. We are held back from winning the freedoms which our founding fathers gave to us as birthright by the traitors within our own ranks. I don’t hate people of other bloods even though we have divergent interests, that’s just business. I hate the people of my own blood who are too weak and stupid to be what we are. Even more, I hate the people who have sold their souls to the devil to keep us from being what we are. I pray to God that our President puts these people on trial to be judged by the Law for their crimes, but I don’t think we’ll get that lucky.

The next step for the movement has been to draw in families through married men. Families are the foundation of organized communities and many such communities form a Nation. Previous attempts to purify the American system, clean out the corruption and rot, failed because they were desperate, near-sighted and expected immediate public support. They operated under the revolutionary mythology of different movements. They forgot our own history. There is never immediate support for change. It has to be nurtured over time. Desperation leads to wrong action. Desperation, even though we are in desperate times, destroys a movement. This is why movements in the eighties, nineties and the first decade of the 21st century failed.

Another reason such movements fail is lack of proper vetting. Leaders of radical American movements have been assassinated by their own members. We do not know whether these discontents who resorted to violence were corrupted by other parties or whether they were mentally unstable. That is the past. What we can do in the present is select for quality. Men who can be trusted. Even then, we must know that they can only be trusted to be themselves, to be men, and not to develop false expectations. We are patient. We will grow. Time is tricky. Desperation calls for action in the moment, which may only hinder our long-term success. Our movement grows astronomically every year. Three years ago it was a couple dozen commenters on a few edgy right-wing blogs. It has become much more than that.

If you are one of these men, who dream of making something of themselves, of becoming the best you can be, of success and glory, this Family is the only thing which is going to help you achieve your goals. We are the last guardians of the American Dream. Its fire lives on in us, and we are going to give it back to every American man starting with this Family, then when this Family and our Nation are absolutely indistinguishable. It is our soul, eternal and undying.