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Cut the Crap, Mohammed

As we move closer and closer to an America First, Machiavellian foreign policy, more rats will shriek with increasingly hoarser voices about us placing our own interests first. We as a Nation are beginning to remember that we don’t care if a political decision is “mean.” We are grown men not six year old girls, whom the Neocons and “Humanitarian” adventurers bear a stronger resemblance to by the day.

As a member of the board of the National Endowment for Democracy, I was forcibly struck by the document’s demotion of democracy promotion. Unsurprisingly, given the president’s views of the wars in Iraq and Libya, regime change is out for now. Challenging authoritarian regimes about their treatment of their own people also seems to command less importance, though the president has spoken forcefully about the situations in Venezuela and Iran.

Imagine being so weak that you’re “forcibly struck” by a document. These are the people to whom American policy-enforcers have kow-towed for decades after the end of the conflagration. “Principled realism” is just a code-word for trying to ape Realist tactics to support Liberal, Globalist strategies for world-enslavement to international finance. “Freedom” to them means the freedom to have your country raped by soulless corporate forces that no know master but ever-shifting, ever-changeable currency.

Realism is founded upon the principle of self-interest. Self-interest has many layers: personal, communal, national, but all of them are rooted in identity. Many have speculated as to what is the most fundamental and unchangeable identity. This is undoubtedly heritage. Heritage is inextricable from blood, a poetic way of saying genetics. A Nation, not just a country of various ethnicities held together only by iron, is a group with a common genetics. Realism isn’t concerned with “values” and a man with sense could easily see through Khalilzad’s tripe and immediately see straight to its root of origin. The reason Khalilzad wants to confuse the definition of Realism and keep Americans stuck in disastrous policies based in glittering generalities is that he knows in his heart of hearts that he isn’t one of us. He knows that if Americans started to think with the mental point of origin being our self interest he will be sent packing back to his country.

The first focuses on the centrality of improving the underpinnings of U.S. power, especially the country’s economic performance. This is key, as the United States cannot sustain its relative power position in the world if the foundations of its power atrophy.

Any student of Mearsheimer could tell you that military power cannot last long without economic power. The more we are sucked into ridiculous crusades for glittering generalities which are so beloved by Vichy-Americans like John McCain, the weaker our economic power will become.

On the economic front, the United States faces the fiscal challenge of supporting entitlements, social programs, and defense and international-affairs spending, at a time when the national debt and annual deficits are already at historically high levels. We will not be able to manage this challenge without higher rates of economic growth. Whether it will be possible to reach and sustain 3 or 4 percent growth—the president’s goal—remains to be seen.

I have proposed an easy and rapidly achievable course of action for revitalizing the American economy. If any of these talking heads were serious about America’s national security, her economic vitality or the health of her people, they would be advocating renewal through expansion too. Khalilzad is not serious about America’s best interests. He seeks to carve out a niche for himself as a “respectable thinker” influencing those assigned to manage our decline into impotence and ultimate enthrallment to the Globalists.

The unclassified version of the strategy does not describe the administration’s force-sizing criteria in detail. However, it states that in peacetime U.S. forces must be able to deter aggression in three key regions—Europe, the Indo-Pacific and the Middle East—as well as degrade terrorist and WMD threats and compete below the threshold of war. In wartime, the strategy states, the fully mobilized force must be capable of “defeating aggression by a major power; deterring opportunistic aggression elsewhere; and disrupting imminent terrorist and WMD threats.” In peace and war, U.S. forces must maintain strategic deterrence and homeland defense.


No Globalist can ever truthfully explain to an American mother or an American father why their children should perish in some god-forsaken hell-hole half a world away. What does that give us? What tangible benefit does that provide to our people? We can look outside every day and see the beautiful country our ancestors won us. We can feel in our own hands the fruits of their victories. Military adventures are fruitless, they leave nothing but ash in our mouths. Let the Chinese police the Indo-Pacific, it is their natural sphere of influence. Let’s split Europe with the Russians or force the Europeans to stand on their own feet again. Maybe that will force them to begin to think in terms of their own self-interest too? An impetus to establishing Identity-based states as well. The Middle East is this century’s Balkans. It would be best for our survival to have nothing to do with it.

The second line of action is to shift key balances of power in favorable directions. Like the 1992 DPG, the Trump administration’s NSS recognizes that the important contests lie at the regional level—which, if not managed, can lead to global rivalry. China is seeking to be a regional hegemon. Once it achieves this goal, it will seek to become the world’s preeminent power, creating a new bipolar system. Russia wishes to restore its dominance in the territory of the former Soviet Union. Iran aspires to control the Gulf and project power to the Mediterranean. North Korea seeks unification of the peninsula on its terms.

Here Khalilzad is either disengenuous or stupid. Such a situation would produce a new world of multipolarity, which has been the most common state of international politics throughout history. In layman’s terms, it would lead to a situation where we have to operate in a balance of power which Adventurists have nightmares about, because, it means they can’t waste our lives willy-nilly.

The National Security Strategy is refreshingly blunt on some regional issues that have been soft-pedaled in the past. For example, it clearly calls out the destabilizing role that Pakistan has played in prolonging and complicating the Afghanistan conflict, by protecting, arming and supporting the Taliban and other insurgents.

Who cares? Let the Islamic world fight itself. A divided civilization can pose no threat to our civilization.

The NSS sets forth realistic courses of action. It advances a sensible formula for relations with other great powers: counter disruptive actions, deter conflict and cooperate in areas of common interest. This recognizes that the purposes and goals of China and Russia are at odds with America’s own, but it also acknowledges that it is better to avoid conflict, and that all parties’ interests are aligned on some important issues.

Avoiding conflicts makes conflicts worse. Khalilzad has spoken like a true weakling again. This is the kind of nonsense which, if it becomes too popular, produces a society of men without virtue and women without quality. If we looked in a mirror, could we say that this isn’t the state of our Nation? Soyboy foreign policy for a soyboy people.

The fourth line of action is the competition of ideas. As a country, we need an informed discussion about the means and limits of ideological influence and democracy expansion. We certainly don’t want to abandon those goals, but it is important to do a lessons-learned analysis from our experiences, including whether we have been appropriately organized to carry out democracy promotion in the broader Middle East.

Everybody living in 21st century America should now that when somebody announces the need for an “informed discussion” what they are actually saying is “Shut up, peasant, while I mollify you on your lack of piety to the narrative!” Khalilzad is as shifting as the sands which his ancestors used to wipe themselves. He is still an Adventurist, he still wants to see thousands of American boys die, but he wants it to be called “realism” because being called a Neo-con is now a slur and Realism sounds so hip. Realism is our word, chai-boy, you can’t use it.

While abandoning the effort altogether would not be right, simply heralding the American example might not be enough. It should be recalled that our greatest adversaries have been ideological foes, and their greatest weaknesses lay in the denial of the human quest for freedom. Our greatest geopolitical triumphs have typically involved the transition of formerly authoritarian or totalitarian powers to more democratic forms of government.

Our greatest adversaries are currently ethnic threats at home and in the near-abroad as well as those threatening our allies in Europe. Our greatest geopolitical triumph was the conquest of this continet. Khalilzad seeks to re-write American history, not unlike that atrocious Khizyr Khan, who out of one side of his mouth preached Constitutionalism and out of the other side preached Sharia.  I refuse to read through the rest of this drivel. Its the same old same old that has been pontificated about by the managerial class to the American people since the end of the Cold War. Khalilzad, an intellectually bankrupt “thought-leader”, has simply recut and recycled the same garbage which brought home ~4500 bodybags from the Middle East in the last seventeen years with nothing being given to the American people in return.

The President would be wise to discard every piece of advice such a creature tries to feed him. If he takes it seriously, he can count on certain defeat in 2020. The struggle for an America greater than it has ever been will be long and arduous but worth every ounce of sweat and blood shed for it. With or without Trump we will make America great again.


We here at the Sentinel have been saying this for a year. Again, we are the natural conclusion of Trumpist figures and the Nationalist movement. Get rid of the Saudi and Israeli lobbies. If Israeli-Americans will not place America first, if they will not cease advocating pernicious, two-faced policies like open borders for us and closed borders for Israel, they should go back to Israel. They should have their citizenship stripped and be deported. Only Americans who place America first should be in our country. Our ideas are increasingly becoming mainstream. The doxxes, the intimidations, censorship, it has all failed. Do the liars and tyrants think we will let bygones be bygones when it is we who hold the whip? 9rh0kOR.png

Manifest Destiny and the Russian Model of Ethnic Republics

More and more of our cultural ailments are proving to be cureable through expansion. Africans have been with us for better or worse since the first colonies were established on the eastern seaboard. Asians by and large are capable of maintaining civilized societies. It would cause too much internal tension to carve out states for them within the existing United States. The longlasting problem of racial tension in our country could be resolved through the acquisition of territory to the south. If we moved to establish an African autonomous republic or republics between the Rio Grande and Panama Canal lines, the African people in the Western hemisphere would finally be free to determine their own destinies, build up their own communities in peace and achieve the freedom for which they have struggled so long.

The Russian Federation has many ethnic republics, some of which are autonomous, but all of which are in the same country. The United States has a similar system with Indian Reservations. The adoption of the Russian model would cut out the African community’s qualms with American policing practicies at the root without separating entirely from the United States. Distance without separation will give both the European and African communities time to heal and eventually breach the divide that exists between us while maintaining our own distinct identities. I can observe that the general reaction in the African community towards cultural pieces like the recently released Black Panther movie that this community has a yearning for autonomy which in the present system, where neither Europeans nor Africans have command over their destiny, is denied them. Both Europeans and Africans face competition from southern invaders who have moved into our communities, muscled in on our lines of work, and distributed deadly narcotics to harm our children. It is time that we stand together against the onslaught of barbarism from south of the Rio Grande and take both of our destinies into our own hands.

Both Europeans and Africans in the United States can find their destinies southwards, a renewed sense of purpose and the final achievement of what our ancestors have struggled for for centuries. The islands of the Carribean are bountiful, arable and the seas surrounding them are rich with energy sources. An African republic on Hispaniola would be situated extraordinarily for commerce with South America, Africa, the Far East, and Europe. There are many deepwater ports in that region which would be prime real estate for the construction of harbors. With everything that Africans have learned from us in our time together, they will be more than capable of establishing prosperous, healthy and free socieites in that region. So as to prevent the deterioration of these societies, as Liberia deteriorated in the last century, educational opportunities could be opened up for the children of African leaders from these republics.

Real wealth and real power are ripe for the taking for many in the European and African communities if they had the will to pursue Manifest Destiny south of the Rio Grande and north of the Panama Canal. Much of the modern conflict between these two communities has been manufactured by Globalists out of a desire to destroy both the European and African communities. The Globalists would prefer us all to be of the pure Latino type, unresisting, uncaring, and willing to embrace the corruption that Globalism needs to survive. Prominent leaders in the African community in the United States as well as the European community should be clear-sighted enough to see through the Globalists and their lives. We must embrace our identities and embrace a struggle with Globalism.

Measures could be taken to establish autonomous regions for the other ethnicites as well. One could imagine that they would be smaller in size, it may be more prudent to simply return some explosive ethnicities to their places of origin. It only remains to be seen whether the African communities in the United States will side with those who can deliver them something beyond their wildest dreams or whether they will side with the people who only keep them around as purchased votes. The fact that we are willing to concede so much, as the Carribean is very good territory, is a sign of our genuine goodwill towards the African people contrasted with the machinations of Globalists who would rather they remain mostly impoverished, temporarily bought off through welfare. Marcus Garvey knew best what the African community needs. Al Sharpton and his ilk are hacks who utilize their genetic heritage to enrich themselves while their communities remain in the dumps.

If the African has but the clarity to see that which is clearly in his best interest and the will to assist us in casting the Globalist world order onto the ash heap of history, there is no limit to the wonders which our alliance can achieve. It isn’t just our dream-land which lies south of the Rio Grande and the straits of Florida, but his as well. Should he wisely choose to side with us in our holy struggle against the forces which seek to disintegrate us both, we would gladly assist him in the construction of a society never before realized on this earth. All that Liberia and the post-colonial African states were promised to be will actually be achieved when we deal with each other as we are and cut out the lying, corrupt middle-men who would gladly see us both obliterated in the pursuit of their soulless vision for humanity.

The Final Stage

“The wish to acquire is in truth very natural and common, and men always do so when they can…” – Niccolo Machiavelli, The Prince

The Bahamas: salt, aragonite, timber, arable land. GDP: $9.34 billion.

Barbados: petroleum, fish, natural gas. GDP:$4.91 billion.

Belize: arable land, timber, fish, hydropower. GDP: $3.23 billion.

Bermuda: limestone. GDP: $5.19 billion.

Costa Rica: hydropower. GDP: $85.2 billion.

Cuba: cobalt, nickel, iron ore, chromium, copper, salt, timber, silica, petroleum, arable land. GDP: $132.9 billion.

Dominican Republic: nickel, bauxite, gold, silver, arable land. GDP: $172.6 billion.

El Salvador: hydropower, geothermal power, petroleum, arable land. GDP: $56.9 billion.

Guatemala: petroleum, nickel, rare woods, fish, chicle, hydropower. GDP: $138.3 billion.

Haiti: bauxite, copper, calcium carbonate, gold, marble, hydropower, arable land. GDP: $19.88 billion.

Honduras: timber, gold, silver, copper, lead, zinc, iron ore, antimony, coal, fish, hydropower. GDP: $45.68 billion.

Jamaica: bauxite, gypsum, limestone. GDP: $2.62 billion.

Mexico: petroleum, silver, copper, gold, lead, zinc, natural gas, timber. GDP: $2.406 trillion.

Nicaragua: gold, silver, copper, tungsten, lead, zinc, timber, fish. GDP: $36.22 billion.

Panama: copper, mahogany, fish, hydropower. GDP: $99.43 billion.

Total: ~ $3.3 trillion.

10% of two hundred million Americans live in poverty. Twenty million of our people. It is a crime that our government won’t take the necessary steps to secure health and wealth for them by the readiest means available: expansion. Twenty million Americans in coordination with the Euro-Latino populations of Central America could create communities of wealth comparable to that of the current fifty states. There are ten to fifteen states that are waiting to be carved out in Central America where there is an existing wealth of $3.3 trillion. It could be triple that under a proper administration.

In addition to poverty, there is a crisis of overcrowding that walks hand in hand naturally with the trend of urbanization. Urbanization is to be avoided as it tends to create sickly, effeminate characters without virtue. The addition of vast swathes of territory in Central America would open a limitless set of opportunities for millions of Americans to form healthy communities, less atomized and closer to nature and nature’s God. Expansion would solve two of our societal woes at once: poverty and overcrowding/urbanization. It would make the possibility of autarky a reality. The American worker would face virtually no competition at home if we halted immigration and no competition from abroad if we acquired the means to assert our own self-sufficiency. The wages of the working and middle class would sky-rocket. This is what must come to pass if we truly hope to make America great again.

We need a fresh influx of resources. The GDP growth rate of our country is sluggish, 145th in the world. Its industrial production rate is the 144th in the world. We need to take drastic measures to revitalize our economy for all our people, not just for office drones that dream of being the next Mark Zuckerberg. We need to control the extraction, refinement, production and distribution of these resources. Should we choose to embrace our destiny there is good reason to believe that our Gross Domestic Product will exceed $30 trillion. We could be the industrial, agricultural and energy powerhouse of the world. The most competitive economy that has ever existed. Realism and Nationalism not Liberalism and Globalism will re-shape our country into a veritable utopia. Only an iron will and clarity in all our dealings will win us this dream-land.

“You don’t avoid such a war, you merely postpone it, to your own disadvantage.” – Niccolo Machiavelli, The Prince.

It is up to our generation at last to achieve that dream for which our fathers have suffered and died for four centuries. America didn’t fall out of the sky for them, they had to build it with their own bare hands. The profligacy of the last two generations lost it, now we must win it back. The heroic conflict to establish the American Nation is entering its final stage. We don’t want a wall, we want the Narco-state and Red Cuba in shallow graves. These shitholes have been offloading their dregs onto us for decades. Let us repay the woe they have given us in full!

A Cuba not under American occupation is a dagger pointed at the heart of the United States. Mexico is an intolerable tumor attached to us by land. So long as she has even the slightest pretense of sovereignty she will hunger for the border states with unparalleled greed. Both of these countries only exist out of our mercy. Had our fathers been crueler men, it would be unlikely that the Cubans or the Mexicans would even exist today. We have national security, domestic and economic interests in seeing both the Narco-state and the Castro Cartel destroyed. War is the universal medicine for all our ailments. Will the current generation of young American men rise up to secure health, wealth and freedom for ourselves and our posterity?



Manifest Destiny

A border wall along the Rio Grande line with Mexico will not bring an end to population displacement through invasion stemming from Central and South America. Mexico’s deterioration into a failed state will only accelerate if she is walled off from Euro-America. America cannot allow the existence of a narco-state on its border. It cannot permit the existence of a state with historical territorial ambitions for the lands our fathers bled to secure as our homeland.

For what reason does the Narco-state exist? It would’ve been swallowed entirely in 1848 except for the wailing of the effete Whigs, who had no stomach for necessary security measures which had to be taken for the perpetual health, wealth and freedom of the American people. We are all Democrats now, my brothers. It was only a cruel toss of fate’s coin that made the party of such great and venerable American men as Andrew Jackson, James K. Polk and Franklin Pierce into the anti-white party.

Again, a century later, during an anti-christian, anti-white rebellion against the Euro-Mexican elite, that sorry state was spared complete obliteration. If we had been governed by men of George S. Patton’s calibre, Mexico would’ve shared the destiny of Carthage after the proto-illegal alien, Pancho Villa, crossed our border and murdered good Americans. Mexico’s destiny was kicked down the road for a second time thanks to the weak-willed, soft-hearted Progressives like Woodrow Wilson, who preferred a war of brother-against-brother in a war in which we had no interest rather than a struggle against our eternal enemy. Now, for a third time in our history, the Narco-state perpetrates horrendous crimes against our people. Shall we kick the can down the road again or rise to our historic duty and put down the mad beast on our southern border?

For what good reason do we tolerate the existence of a repugnant state which does its best to flood our country with the worst of its people and kill our own people with mind-destroying drugs? It is this same state, irresponsible and incompetent, with which we are forced to share the bountiful Gulf oil. Gold, silver and other precious metals wait beneath the surface, trampled on by the ignorant descendants of the monstrous Aztecs, who are incapable of creating or maintaining a civilized country despite the blessings which God has showered on them. In a world where we are forced to pay an arm and a leg to fill up a tank, the Narco-state squanders its natural resources, barely able to bring to justice the upjumped Pancho Villas of the 21st century.

Countrymen, our southern border isn’t the Rio Grande but the Panama Canal. Our own country will never be secure until everything from the North Pole to this canal is within our borders. The grace of God and the genius of our ancestors has provided us with a small and easily secured border that will prevent furhter invasions from the other failed and failing states of the Mestizo world. Within these our natural borders, there lay the resources we need for complete and total self-sufficiency. If we have but the will to reach out and take what is our’s by virtue of our own greatness we will never be compelled to wage war across the waters again. We will be impossible to challenge, immoveable by threats and completely at ease. If we claim the wealth that awaits us, our people will never know the pangs of hunger and the shame of poverty again. Only the treason of Mr. Jimbo “Peanuts” Carter lost us that invaluable territory which the Chinese are moving to claim for themselves.

In a region so overflowing with resources that would fulfill the dreams of millions of our own people to find happiness and prosperity, why do we need corrupt, incompetent and unstable middle-men?  Such states, aptly labelled “shitholes,” like Haiti exist only due to the largesse of the United States. There is no power on Earth or in Heaven that will raise such a contemtible and vile people to our heights or even up from the abyss an inch. A people is entirely responsible for the state of the country it inhabits. When a country is a shit-hole, it is only because of its people’s lack of virtue.

The western frontier closed at the dawn of the 20th century. Due to the chicanery of a certain people, we turned to the stellar frontier before achieving absolute security for ourselves on this planet. Again, we are provoked out of our desire for lives of peace by peoples who believe us too weak to fight back. Woe to the fools who mistake a peace-loving people for a people which lacks virtue.  Cuba, Mexico and others have worked themselves up into a frenzy at the idea that they will one day be able to annex certain portions of our country to themselves due to the demographic displacement of our people. How wrong they are! A mature lion can still tear to pieces any hyena that comes nipping at its heels. The southern frontier opened the day a Mexican invader murdered Kate Steinle. When Hiroshima’s fate has come to Mexico City, then her death will have been avenged.

Hail to the Chief!

Not to Be So Young…

P.A. Cristovic

Inspired by true incidents as related by J.P. Eckermann, Gespräche mit Goethe (1836), trans. Fuller, Conversations with Goethe (1839)

15 February, 1824. Die Sternbrücke, Park an der Ilm, Weimar, Thuringia, Grand Duchy of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach, German Confederation.

JOHANN WOLFGANG VON GOETHE is walking, as is his custom, before Saturday dinner. In the chilly Thuringian twilight, he crosses the damp stone bridge over the narrowing river Ilm. He picks up a peculiar looking stone, polished and spherical. He thinks of the globe on which he stands, and the arc of heaven above him, God-made, the arc of the bridge below him, Manmade. The bridge is nearly two centuries old, two times and half a time as old as the man.

The bridge will withstand such violence as the man cannot imagine, a hundred odd years hence. Its stones will be shaken but it will remain firm. As shall the stones of the city, if the city shall be pass under seven masters before these words are written. The city is ancient, man has been here since time immemorial. The valley is fertile and the river clean. It is a temperate climate, with plentiful rain. It is damp and cold in the winter, as it is now; the man adjusts his scarf and his greatcoat.

This valley has been settled since before Christ trod the earth, before men dated their years, before there were states or duchies or even bridges. The river is timeless. The man, the immortal, the genius, the last polymath, fiddles with the stone in his pocket as he thinks of the world and of time and of men. Goethe, his mind fertile like the valley, is silent for a time as he thinks and walks. He begins to speak. Accompanying the immortal is a friend half his age, a fosterling of his intellect, Eckermann, who would later write of the evening.

Goethe, the final polymath, is now setting out on his 74th year, and he has precisely one climacteric and one year more, one month and one week more, wherein the heart of this immortal mind will still pump mortal blood. The same organ, less than a year prior, suffered two great ailments, the first a nearly fatal infarction; and the second, a baroness of eighteen years, a Lofn’s love, reciprocated, but never to be. From the first ailment, he recovered quickly; and from the second, never, but it was these ailments of that rendered up the immortal words—

To me, I to myself am lost,

Who the immortals’ fav’rite erst was thought,

They, tempting, sent Pandoras to my cost,

So rich in wealth, with danger far more fraught;

They urged me to these lips, with rapture crown’d,

Deserted me, and hurl’d me to the ground.

These lines were written in an inspired haste while on a coach to Weimar, after the young and lovely and brilliant Ulrike declined the proposal that her mother had forbidden, thought it had been transmitted through no less a personage than the Grand Duke. In life, the Elegy was read only to the poet’s closest friends, although he considered it his finest. After the death of the immortal, it was born to the world and would never die.

Twenty-three weeks after being so hurled, Goethe walks with one of those closest friends, palming a smooth stone and lost in thought. Then, in his manner, he begins his discourse, he holds a mere dyad of a court, but as venerable and potent court as any Duke’s, a court of the mind and the heart held upon the stones of the bridge and among the ancient trees. He speaks of his life and his times.

He wonders at all that Germany has done, and Europe, and now through the light on that continent an ever-brightening world built upon the words of the Greeks and the word of God and the roads of Rome and down to the present day—where light and darkness met and light turned in on itself, too bright to see. Lux in tenebrae lucet et tenebrae eam non comprehenderunt. Mors et vita duello. Lux et tenebrae duello. Lux et lux duello. Lux in lux lucet et lux eam non comprehendibut. Mors et mors duello. Vita et vita duello. Mere light now dissolved the knot of Gordia, visited Pandora to the cost of the world entire.

Luther made all men popes; the ancients in Greece met the moderns in France; the firstfruits of republic and revolution receded into tyranny, and then a glimmer of the way that things were—for to the West, a Bourbon sat again on a throne, having “learned, and forgotten,” nothing; nothingness was visited upon the world. Europa’s tears dried an instant, all was still change but stasis returned, a calm before and after a storm; it was an age no longer electric with change but dampened with a prodromal gloom.

Goethe, on the fourth day of the New Year, had spoken of the Revolution and its horrors and its consequences and of those he knew and had seen it. Those who had authority ought to rule, but to rule justly; but he wondered out loud what right authority under God and Nature was in the year 1800, and would be in the year 1850—here speaking almost as a prophet, if such prophets may be allowed but a few years. He had affirmed the reality, the necessity even, of change, and further spoke of nations—that change which is not rooted in their soul is foolish, that revolutions from without are foolish, that light must come within, and without God—God holds back from such mad misadventures! But if change is needed from within, God is with it.

And change from within and without is in the air; to the East, the beginnings of reform, rising like a retrovert Sun from the West, beget a new kind of tyranny which would in turn beget its antithesis, which would grow to such a Beast as was unimagined since Patmos. Even as Goethe spoke, in the further, teeming, still-darkened Orient, change swirled in another damp cold night by the lake Chao in Anfei. The world was moving, exploding outwards like a nova.

Goethe was witness to so much, and so much was yet to come after his passing, that evening he stood astride time, as all men do at all times, but he felt now a moment of calm and certain awareness. Shifting course again, south by southwest, on another island of exile, the man of the epoch had passed but a little more than two years prior; and as Goethe sat in contemplation, on another island, a cold, rainy nation off Europe debated its more plodding path to the rule of the mob; and yet further to the still-sparse occident, Albion’s erstwhile daughter contemplated no mere island but a continent.

Goethe sees a full teeming world. Teeming with men and ideas. A man of ideas, he wonders what more there is to know and to learn. His mind goes to the furthest West; even in America, he wonders if there is too much light for a bright intellect to shine in distinction. Four and forty days earlier, at the first dinner party that Goethe and Eckermann had attended in the New Year, a young man confessed that he felt himself on the verge of falling for a well-known beauty in Weimar society, but that he found her not to have a certain “brilliance of understanding.” Goethe, all too knowingly, and to the agreement and amusement of the table, speaks of that which in a woman arouses such passions in a man. Brilliance of understanding, he says, can be an infinite enhancement, but never the root of passion—it is all the je ne sais quois of the eternal feminine; delicacy and mystery and that power unknowable to man intertwined.

Later, retiring to the fire, the conversation turns to Shakespeare; of this immortal who would in the end predecease him by two hundred and sixteen years, a month, and a day, the still-living immortal spoke with great reverence, and a dry irony. Shakespeare, Goethe says again knowingly, was not as much the font of English dramaturgy as it was at once its apotheosis and teleos, beginning and end, alpha and omega—for any playwright worthy of the name could not but read and adore him, and in so doing despair of surpassing him. There was no more to do on the stage, no more to do in the State—and what was there to do with the mind’s own place?

Tonight, though, on that damp, chilly Saturday still awaiting Spring, on the bridge Goethe remains reflective, and speaks to Eckermann of their lovestruck mutual acquaintance, young and intellectually promising—not unlike a conversation he had with another friend, a good many years prior, with regards to the now not so-young man with whom he walks today. He speaks in tones of cautious optimism regarding the potential in a fertile young mind, should it not be dissipated, as he thinks on his own youth and of Werther and of the storm that drove him to know all things and experience them and to grow his inner light.

For the young man, though, he prescribes no literary celebrity, but a monumental tome from his library, a return to the font, to the Greeks. He thinks of the young Felix Mendelssohn, now eleven, who he’d met two years prior, and declared already greater than Mozart. He wonders at the human mind. He feels things accelerating. Minds exponentiating and collapsing on themselves together. He has an inner vision. Light all around him. Blinding light. And yet, dissipation, vapidity, from the Dark Ages to the Enlightenment to a blinding and blank light.

Dissipation sets in, the mood of the hour. Goethe has a vision of himself athwart history, a man out of time, an immortal, at the shifting of epochs and an age at once optimistic and pessimistic, cynical and, most dangerously, idealistic. Sea change is less than two decades away, and two years earlier than he had mused at that dinner party four and forty days prior, and no mere sea change but the opening of the flood gates lies less than a century hence. Turning to his companion, Goethe breathes the air. Ich danke Himmel, he says, das icht jetzt in diefer durchaus gemacht Zeit, nicht jugn bin. I thank Heaven not to be so young in so thoroughly finished an age.


Tonto Fat Off American Wealth

Samuel Adams

Recent images on Facebook have confirmed that Maulian Dana, (the tribal ambassador for the Penobscot Nation who slandered American Patriots on Columbus Day), has children that are indeed fat and in need of possible state intervention to maintain their health. She loves it when American wealth is squandered at her people’s casinoes, but has the audacity to demand that we abandon our heroes, men integral to the eventual colonization of our part of the Americas. She is disgusted with Americans, she hates Americans, she only pretends to like us when she gets gibs, which goes towards feeding her own and her children’s ever-expanding waist lines.

This has naturally sparked a debate; What are the main contributing factors to this obscene case of infant obesity?

There are many who consider the condition of these children to simply be the result of their mother’s incompetency. As demonstrated here, Maulian spends her time engaging in irrational social causes like protesting sports team mascots instead of valuing her own children enough to stay at home and provide a nurturing environment. She is so obsessed with her hatred of Americans that she is willing to sacrifice the health and well-being of her own people. Studies have shown that the lack of a masculine authority figure and the absence of a traditional maternal influence can cause significant amounts of stress on the minds of developing children. One can only wonder if this chaotic home environment is the leading cause of the Dana children’s massive obesity.

However, others insist that ‘nature’ is more to blame than ‘nurture’ by pointing out that Native Americans are more prone to diabetes and obesity than other healthier races due to their inferior genetic material. Native American DNA is not just deficient in the realm of the human immune system, and mental health, it is also inferior at digesting modern foods. The Native American digestive system struggles to process sugars and as a result Native Americans are more susceptible to obesity and diabetes. Unfortunately, Maulian is either unaware of these genetic inefficiencies or is so blinded by her Socialist, anti-white ideology that she deliberately ignores them at the expense of the health of her own children.

A third group blames sociological factors stemming from racial discrimination in favor of Native Americans as fundamental to their shocking heaviness. Native Americans, the Penobscot tribe especially, currently enjoy free housing and welfare assistance from the State of Maine. Unlike their European neighbors who have to work for their food, Native Americans engage in what is referred to as a ‘hand out’ lifestyle sustaining their existence from government benefits subsidized by Europeans. The lack of physical activity combined with the overabundance of food creates a situation where young children are prone to obesity.

Most likely, the cause is a combination of all three of these unfortunate aspects of the Dana children’s sad, fat lives. As the Stillwater, Kenduskeag, and Penobscot rivers all flow to the same mighty water, the mental incompetency, genetic composition and Native Privilege enjoyed by the Dana household serve as a foundation dooming them to hopeless obesity.

As a result of these issues, many are petitioning the State of Maine to intervene and remove the Dana children from their abuser. A special camp has been created for overweight Native children; Wabanaki Weight Watchers, where the children can receive the support they need from trained counselors, genetic specific diets and a culture of work and personal responsibility.

One can only hope that this intervention can happen before the Dana children are ruined physically and emotionally by  Maulian’s total inability to perform the basic roles of a parent.

Deconstructing Illinois Senate Resolution 0794

Donald Hawthorne

I have written the following to explain this resolution and why it is imperative that it is repealed with haste. The flow of this piece will follow the legislation segment by segment, statement by statement. Illinois SR 0794 declares, not organizations but, people who adhere to ideas as “terroristic” in nature. Naturally, they have no problem with allowing actual terrorists into the country. This sets a legal precedent for the establishment of the concept of “thought crime,” which again shows the Globalists to be enemies of the American Nation and a dangerous threat to our liberty.

Here is the link to the text of the resolution:

Firstly, I condemn the idea that Nationalism has attempted to reinvent itself: “…their present-day rhetoric and terrorism conjure painful memories of our nation’s past.” I condemn this statement on the grounds that, as of the time of both the introduction and adoption of this resolution, no ties exist between Nationalist groups and terrorism. The events of August 12, 2017 have not been processed by the judicial system. Court cases are in the process of determining what exactly happened that day in and surrounding Lee Park (sic). Nationalist representatives have come forth declaring that their constitutionally protected rights, which were confirmed not only by the securing of a permit, but also by the injunction of a federal court confirming the rights to freedom of speech and assembly after the city pulled the permit less than a week before the event was to take place, were not properly protected by law enforcement. This failure to uphold the rights given to us by God and codified in the Constitution of this country produced the violence that took place in Lee Park. If anybody should be on trial for criminal acts, it should be the Mayor of Charlottesville, Charlottesville’s Chief of Police and the Governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliff, who didn’t just permit this human rights violation to take place but, on the contrary, actively commanded it in an effort to score political points. The blood of all those wounded and killed is on their hands. Illinois, I have found the terrorists you seek to decry with your legislation!

Secondly, ANTIFA representatives have declared that the police failed to protect them by pushing Nationalist activists out of Lee Park, into the streets in which ANTIFA and BLM were assembled. These criminal gangs with a well-known record of  recent violence (unlike Nationalists) did not have a permit for public assembly. This fact increasingly calls the actions of law enforcement into question.

Thirdly, I would like to decry the same statement on the grounds that post-15th Amendment Nationalists have often condoned coercion, have employed it to political ends, and have been ruled by the judicial system to have engaged in political intimidation. Was Teddy Roosevelt a member of the KKK or terrorist groups? How about Abraham Lincoln, who believed in the deportation of freed slaves from the United States to Liberia?

To continue, they state that “neo-Nazism” (which is effectively a slur, not even the NSDAP called themselves “Nazis”) and “white nationalism” are “very real threats to social and racial progress.” They have created a moral imperative here, declaring that the views concerning race and social progress as espoused by such people as Richard Spencer are inherently “un-progressive.” I ask you, the reader, to ponder by what authority they can create such an imperative and enforce it by codification into law without seeking out the opinion of we the people, who do not see eye-to-eye with them on the creation of legislation labelling people who hold Nationalist ideas as terrorists?  If they do so, they must condemn the President of this country as a terrorist, which, knowing the ridiculous nature of their ideas and ways of thinking, I have no doubt they wouldn’t hesitate to label him as such. We do not live in a 1984-esque totalitarianism, nor do we live in some sort of authoritarian country in which ideas can be declared to be “wrongthink,” but apparently they live in a different country where the usage of the powers belonging to a province to label those who disagree with them terrorists is perfectly normal. Such action is more befitting an African dictatorship or the People’s Republic of China, not the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Next they state that “white nationalism” has a history of intimidation and coercion. Can they deny that the actions of the state are manifestations of intimidation and coercion? The state emerges from anarchy as a social structure which holds a relative monopoly on coercion and intimidation through the centralization of authority into a governing body. This allows groups with different opinions to work within the socio-political structure in an environment without chaotic violence. If the Nationalists of the past ever employed coercion, it was to preserve this same civil society just as the state does. Therefore, it is not the mere use of intimidation and coercion to control people that is in question here. In being elected to office they have demonstrated an implict agreement with the use of these same tactics to enforce the policies of the state. Denunciation of the use of these tactics with the aim of the same goal, the preservation of civil society, makes them hypocrites who don’t deserve a soap box from which to shriek, much less a seat in any sort of governing body.

Now that we have established that coercion is a necessity in any civilized society, we must ask ourselves what kind of coercion is permissible, as well as what kind of coercion has no place in such a society. We make these considerations within a legal framework but, that isn’t a moral framework. Morality and Law are two separate concepts, both subject to interpretation. With this in mind, it is very simple to see what kind of coercion is acceptable and what kind isn’t: that which is acceptable is that which is made legal, and that which isn’t acceptable is made illegal.  Before anybody reading this howls that Nationalism has always been in conflict with the heritage of this country, it should be pointed out that the United States was formed as a federation of European “states.” The first immigration laws of this federation excluded non-whites. The American people were completely content with this law then and likely still would be today.

They declare that “white nationalism” has “attempted to reinvent itself” as the Alt-Right. Their linguistic contortions here are interesting, specifically that “white nationalism” has attempted to reinvent itself. They imply that Nationalism is always pursued via the same means. Only labels change, not tactics. Again, these petty tyrants try to tie the modern manifestation of Nationalism back to previous manifestations which had less regard for the law and more concern with immediate results. Nationalism can, as all other political ideas, be pursued through different tactics, and those who “reinvented” Nationalism are not the same people who were responsible for maintaining the Nationalism that was typical of  the 1870s, the 1920s, the 1960s or today. By extension, those who led Nationalism in these periods in our country’s history were not the Founding Fathers (funnily for the tyrants, all white men). “White Nationalism” is nothing less than American Nationalism.

For the next segment of the legislation, the reader should recall that America was founded as a European society. To think that our Nationalism conflicts with the original ideas that founded this country is absurd.

To conclude, for the last few statements made in this legislation, I would like to point out this inviolable law of human social dynamics: diversity + proximity = war. The anti-white Tyrants can enact any laws they wish, however, the fact of the matter is that the regressive society they wish to build is being ripped apart by conflict. This is due to the fact that we are different peoples with different histories, tendencies and interests that are far from superficial. Perhaps the People alledging that these differences are “merely skin deep” are themselves the most superficial among the Nations of the Earth? The only way our country can survive is if Heritage America takes the helm back from the collapsing “ascedant coalition” that cannot and will not sustain our way of life, nor keep this country stable, politically or economically.

Willy “Sucking” Sommer

The mongoloid-featured traitor little Willy admires so adoringly. 

Samuel Adams Marat

In the words of “Big Pussy” Bonpensiero, “Trust me, my boy. There’s two things I’m good at: spotting dents and spotting good blowjobs, and that sweetie right there has world class blowjob lips.”

One wonders how many dicks little Willy has sucked to get that “campaign editor” job at the Hill. The Hill is a dying piece of trash, that looks like a retarded boomer with a crayon designed it. In his spare time, he is an excellent liberal, making sure to police “racism” wherever he thinks he finds it on his own side, hoping in vain that the Democrats will only call him a Nazi, rather than a super-evil, white supreemist, basically Hitler Nazi. In his long and hard journey of relieving his political opponents and puppet masters alike of excess bodily fluids via the usage of the aforementioned lips, he came upon an excellent episode of Fash the Nation, foremost Nationalist podcast in America (in fact the foremost right-wing podcast in America), on which Paul Nehlen was a guest host.

Willy made sure to leave a snide little comment on twitter, defecating his pants with especially impotent wrath that a man had the gall to actually advocate pro-American principles and policies, as opposed to fleecing the People like Sommers and his Globalist comrades do in the play-act they put on for the common people of America, whom they despise with a disgust so ardent it makes one wonder if, behind those dead eyes and the beak he calls a nose, there beats the heart of a man or a charcoal colored organ pumping venom through his body like that of a snake.

Frankly, I’d review a *poorly written* piece of his but, prior to his latching on to the rising star of Nehlen as a detractor, I had no idea he existed. Fortunately, the vast majority of our countrymen are also miserable of his miserable, elementary school tattle-telling existence. Based on this petty little worm’s all too eager ankle-biting of the kind of politician that this country needs, I don’t see this changing anytime soon. One wonders at the grand strategy of his impotent and dying wing of the GOP. Betray enough of our own and show the mercenary hordes of the left that we are more left-wing than their pay-masters? That we will let them sack, rape and pillage our own camp more than the Democrats will let them do the same to their’s? Its the kind of stupidity that is dying fast under the Trump administration, going the same route as whatever brain cells little Willy possesses. If he were anything other than a half-witted hack, perhaps he would have the intelligence to take a step back and realize the futility of constantly bowing and scraping to the narrative of the Left? That would be to assume little Willy had the faculties and chemicals of a fully functioning man.