The New England Sentinel is the regional news hub of the Alt-Right in Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Connecticut. We provide cutting edge analysis and commentary of local news stories as well as position pieces from a Conservative, Nationalist, and Racially-Conscious perspective. We at the Sentinel sound the alarm for the small New England cities and towns reeling from the disastrous effects of Neo-Liberal Globalism : Third-World colonization, increasing crime, the opioid epidemic, deteriorating infrastructure, demographic-shifts, debt-slavery, social degeneracy, and the implosion of the family. A special emphasis will be given to the unique culture of the diverse European peoples who settled these six states and to the storied history of our once serene cities and quiet elm-shaded villages. So take a journey with us along our rocky coasts and sandy beaches, across our rolling meadows and farmland, up through friendly wooded mountains filled with crystal lakes and streams brimming with trout, to a city upon a hill; a city that never really was, but could be.