A Friendly Reminder


The President of the United States is praising a country which resists the non-white invasion of Europe. “Hate” speech has been ruled to be covered under free speech by the Supreme Court. Any employer that fires a man for speaking in favor of Nationalism is firing somebody over politics, not the invented sin of “racism.” There is no such thing as racism. We are who we are. Only We the American people are asked why we would want to identify as white. Nobody asks Africans, Chinese, Indians, Arabs or any other people why they identify as what they are. Don’t bother mentioning slavery, genocides, etc.. A garden variety ignoramus “Racialist” may be too poorly read to see through that, we are not. Everyone has kept slaves. Everyone has wiped nations off the face of the earth. Those who lead the chorus of shouting and screaming the loudest at a single people who have done these things to the exclusion of all other peoples are often the worst of history’s murderers and slave-drivers, or they aspire to be.

There is a distinction in our own country among whites between Puritans and Americans. There are those who seek to hunt out all dissent and punish it like blue-haired, pierced nose Torquemadas. They no longer have any power. It is fading and they know this. They have tried to sit on the lid of Nationalism for too long. For too long they have tried to repress Nature and she is a wild woman. The lid has blown off and them with it. They will try to incite violence and their auxiliaries will try to carry it out. Individuals of these groups have already assassinated police in our own country. In the United Kingdom, they have sawn off the head of one of Her Royal Highnesses’ soldiers and kidnapped countless girls to sell into sex slavery. In Sweden, they live stream the rapes of girls and then get forty hours community service. People wish to ignore it even when it happens to their own children, even when a heap of statistics shout their voices down. Even the lowest of beasts defends its children against attackers. When all others flee the field, we stand true.

It will never be Americans who fire the first shot. We are by nature peace-loving people, but the devils who seek war will quickly discover what we taught Britain, Mexico, Spain, Japan and countless others when they struck at us.

If an American brings up concerns about their loss of power and the attempts to obliterate their heritage, they are met with ludicrous questions assaulting their character. If an African brings up concerns about “victimhood” and “oppression”, expect every useless and spineless cretin within five hundred miles to get on both knees and beg to do whatever they can to win his approval. There are people who will laugh when you point out the dangers forced upon us by the would-be chattel drivers seeking to destroy our soul. These people were born to be powerless toys of movers and shakers, now writhing in their own self-hatred. In ten, twenty, or a hundred years, this sort will be laughing at any attempt to convince them that they should not be proud white men with a right to their own place within the world. Their sum total of existence is to drink a beer at the end of a work day, then sleep.

That is not an American. To believe we used to create men who dreamed of conquering continents and exploring different worlds! This isn’t an obituary. These men aren’t yet dead, just sleeping. If shame won’t wake them up, something else will. The truth is that they live every day of their lives in shame. It’s so deep in their soul that they aren’t even conscious of its operations. Sleeper, this is what you could become awake.

Passion for life and for power. Refusal to take commands from up-jumped money-changers whose sole claim to a position of influence is that they have swindled the entire world out of its savings. You might say “Whiner.” I will definitely reply “Whipped dog.” Yes, Americans do not tolerate con-men, frumpy shrews, and eloquent tricksters to sit on thrones above us. An American works with his two hands. He puts his mind to action. He fulfills something vital in life. He is alive! He doesn’t fear the consequences of speaking his mind, and he does not tolerate his freedom to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to be infringed.

That is exactly what these Globalists, the Puritans and their auxiliaries are doing, and we won’t ask nicely for them to stop. We will campaign ceaselessly just as those who have come before us did until we have won. We will not be misled into desperate actions like those which people were baited into in the last century. Every month our strength grows. Everywhere among the sleeping masses of pale flesh, we find souls waiting to be reborn in the fiery truth of their own nature. Why wait outside in a dark chilly night with your balls growing icicles when you could come inside, sit by a roaring flame and find peace? Why would you play a losing hand time and again when you know that you can play a winning one? An American man was born for adventure and glory. It is time for those generations capable of living to seize this spirit and never let it go. The alternative is just so boring.

Those who have consistently assaulted the heritage and very frequently the bodies of our kin pose a direct threat to the freedom won for us in blood by our Founding Fathers and renewed with the same price every generation. Name a single Founding Father that would not stand shoulder to shoulder with we Nationalists. Name a single non-white delegate to the Constitutional Convention. No matter how much Puritans and Globalists like to re-write and erase our history like some Orwellian nightmare, we will not let them or anyone else forget who we are. The alternative is the abyss for which they have been long preparing for us. No amount of begging, rationalizing and declaration of being an “ally” or even a neutral party will save those damned to the Hell designated for them based on their blood.


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