The Future

This is a brotherhood, not an edgy bar hopping association. Mistakes are necessary. I wouldn’t call the early development of our groups a mistake. They were necessary for us to become what we are now. Evolution is a series of mistakes which produces greatness. We are currently evolving into something large and worthwhile. Some other American groups, in my opinion, are leading the way in the same vein that Generation Identitaire started several years ago. The most crucial element to brotherhood is a shared identity which creates a shared purpose. That is our grand purpose, one which transcends our individual and collective lives. Personal purposes, some smaller, some just as great, are many. All involve self-improvement.

We must always be willing to learn from our mistakes and fix them. Adaptation is key to evolution. Other movements’ greatest mistake was in not building a brotherhood. They lacked the kind of leadership that can wait, calculate, plan and strike when opportune. We need and appreciate all kinds of leadership where it gets results. Desperation, doom and gloom overcame them. They were isolated, infiltrated and destroyed. History will not repeat itself. We aren’t a rag-tag assembly of easily shattered loners. We can’t be broken. We aren’t one man but many. First we build the brotherhood, then we build the Family.

There is nothing outside this Family. We and our blood-kin belong to it in totality. No one matters outside this family. If they do, they still matter less. The others aren’t American. They are murkans; deracinated, empty and purposeless atoms. Dead matter drifting into nothingness. We are the only ones who live with purpose today. We are angry and this anger is our drive. Everybody else floats around between fleeting passions designed by the usual suspects to de-fang and destroy them.

This is all part of the evolutionary process. We have to become detached from this battle to win it. Too much emotion will leave us drained. Not enough emotion will leave us lethargic. Use your anger. Don’t let it overpower and stew within you. This is an opportunity for the sharpest and the strongest, the best among our Nations to rise to the top. The old elites are sapped of their strength. Empty and done. Lifeless. This isn’t just a game where we can see who adopts the most radical position. It excites me and it should excite you.

Fake events, fake lives, fake everything have dulled the American man’s mind and weakened his body in ways we are only just beginning to understand. If the current wite male wants to make something of himself and stop chasing pointless little breadcrumbs he has one road: the Family. That’s the kind of man we want to bring into the Family. Men with drive. Men who want to get ahead in life, and who are willing to work for it. I can think of a way in which the wite female can make something of herself: the Family. The Family will make a sharp man the sharpest. We will help you get past addiction, get fit, get educated (actually educated), get a job, find a home, everything. Once you’re in our corner, we’re behind you one hundred percent. The most important thing we can give you is a purpose. Purposelessness is the source of modern man’s misery.

Murkan interests align with American interests, which are White interests, but as long as they sit on their bottoms and stay asleep, I couldn’t care less about them. Why should we? They’re useless, purposeless wretches with nothing to live for. They are wasting God’s gift to man for money, poison, everything which dies in moments, rather than living for what matters. If they want people who care about them, people who will act for our interests, people who will protect us from evil and help us to protect ourselves: the Family. Little murkan boy, those suited shits who you slave away for laugh at you and spit at you. No one is ever going to spit at you in the Family, but you have to commit yourself to us.

Whether we are from New England, Dixie, the Great Lakes, Texas, the east or the west, we are Family. That’s more important than any moniker that we might invent for our own regions. More importantly, its true. We’re bound by blood, spirit and the soil in which countless generations sleep. Its emotional, not a philosophical entity. No smart person ever died for a glittering generality. No smart person ever lived for a little political description. Nothing breaks this bond, and if there is something which does, the blood-breaker will be damned to hell. Hell is a very real place. It’s in your heart. Its in this world and the next. No one will remember the traitor’s name except to spit on it. Would we betray our mothers, our fathers, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters? No!

When starting out, it is natural for the movement to attract a lot of unattached guys. This isn’t a bad thing. Single men, especially single young men, are the class most willing to embrace radical change. It benefits us. Our struggle isn’t one of ideas and philosophy but of identity and power. The Globalists have tried to push White men to the bottom of the totem pole in American society. They try to feminize the men and slutify the women to destroy us. This isn’t the 20th century. We are not safe. This isn’t a battlefield of ideas where the stakes are living under a different kind of government. This is life and death. Western civilization has been taken hostage by foreign peoples who seek to rape and destroy it. We are held back from winning the freedoms which our founding fathers gave to us as birthright by the traitors within our own ranks. I don’t hate people of other bloods even though we have divergent interests, that’s just business. I hate the people of my own blood who are too weak and stupid to be what we are. Even more, I hate the people who have sold their souls to the devil to keep us from being what we are. I pray to God that our President puts these people on trial to be judged by the Law for their crimes, but I don’t think we’ll get that lucky.

The next step for the movement has been to draw in families through married men. Families are the foundation of organized communities and many such communities form a Nation. Previous attempts to purify the American system, clean out the corruption and rot, failed because they were desperate, near-sighted and expected immediate public support. They operated under the revolutionary mythology of different movements. They forgot our own history. There is never immediate support for change. It has to be nurtured over time. Desperation leads to wrong action. Desperation, even though we are in desperate times, destroys a movement. This is why movements in the eighties, nineties and the first decade of the 21st century failed.

Another reason such movements fail is lack of proper vetting. Leaders of radical American movements have been assassinated by their own members. We do not know whether these discontents who resorted to violence were corrupted by other parties or whether they were mentally unstable. That is the past. What we can do in the present is select for quality. Men who can be trusted. Even then, we must know that they can only be trusted to be themselves, to be men, and not to develop false expectations. We are patient. We will grow. Time is tricky. Desperation calls for action in the moment, which may only hinder our long-term success. Our movement grows astronomically every year. Three years ago it was a couple dozen commenters on a few edgy right-wing blogs. It has become much more than that.

If you are one of these men, who dream of making something of themselves, of becoming the best you can be, of success and glory, this Family is the only thing which is going to help you achieve your goals. We are the last guardians of the American Dream. Its fire lives on in us, and we are going to give it back to every American man starting with this Family, then when this Family and our Nation are absolutely indistinguishable. It is our soul, eternal and undying.


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