Anti-White Creeps and American Heroes

To the surprise of only those foolish enough to trust their Globalist brain-washing, another American woman has run off with an Islamic terrorist. “Enlightened” American women don’t want and never have wanted “liberation.” They want the discipline of living in a patriarchical, warrior culture. They have loved and will always love warriors. The problem is that they have been “educated” to hate their own warriors  by an foreign-dominated, Globalist culture. The Globalists want more cases like this. They want Americans to destroy our spirit by destroying their blood. They created Woman’s misery through their campaigns to manufacture dissent throughout the last two centuries. They hijacked Woman’s instinct to test Man for weakness, then they “educated” Man through school and the silver-screen to fail these tests.

Women respect and love only strength and courage, specifically when they are in greater quantities than their own. Nationalists know and embrace this. More so, we wish to remind our brothers in blood that this is the true nature which we have been “educated” to forget. There are various individuals who can provide a real education in how to play the game that we once knew by instinct. Globalism, summed up briefly, could be described as a campaign to destroy the instincts of American man so that he can be used as a mathematical atom in the economic marketplace. Women shouldn’t be in the FBI, CIA, military or any wing of government. Their desire is to be ruled by strong men. They have no further to look than the Nationalist movement.

There is an appalling trend among some young American boys of abandoning the sexual game out of misguided notions about reality. Sure, the Globalists and their patsies have caused millions of our young girls to be sacrificed on the altars of their evil gods, damning them to lives of perpetual misery. This doesn’t mean American boys get to check out and pretend that there are no girls who haven’t been damned to this hell. For those that have and those that wish to avoid it, Nationalism and Traditionalism are the only roads away from daily hell in this life and eternal hell in the next one. Nationalists are going to make women and men happy again, regardless of how much the former pretend not to like it.

Every part of our culture and our society is a battlefield. Those who shirk their duty as men are no better than deserters. We don’t whine, we act. We are the sons of Alexander, Caesar and Napoleon. Camel-riding, goat-loving children of pedophiles have nothing on us. We rode roughshod over their lands not even a hundred years ago, and under Trump or a strong Nationalist, we will again. Let the creepy, anti-white weaklings like antifa, the cuckservatives and collaborators choose their miserable fates. We shall make our fathers proud.

We will erase this humiliation of our European ancestors and our present-day American heroes. We will restore a culture wherein our warriors are honored, as only the warrior really knows his Nation. He has seen its blood shed to preserve it. Women like this deserve neither pity nor scorn. Her father and the men around her were too weak to inspire respect and love. We will make American men strong again. Globalism and its puppet parties will only continue to make American men weak. Donald Trump has been the beginning of our strength coming back awake. He shall not be its ending. We’ll see how strong American women think those primitive, disgusting weirdos in the Middle East are after he lobs a few more MOABs their way. A woman who “loves” such a pathetic, disgusting, creepy people has been driven to insanity by the Globalist misery-mongers.

Hail to the Chief!


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