Maine People’s Climate March

On the 29th of this month, the Maine People’s Climate March took place in Augusta. The very name sounds like some sort of Soviet astroturf. They have demanded that politicians look out for public safety, health, the future, etc., etc.. They care about none of these things. They havent the slightest idea as to how these things would be actually achieved. Perhaps I am being too unfair to them? In that case, I will write for the stronger, smarter and healthier among them.

Solar energy is not coming in this century. The same wealthy billionaires who preach Environmentalism to you, will oppose its policies enforced on them. They won’t hesitate to enforce them on us though. If Environmentalists were serious about protecting the Earth, they would encourage Third Worlders, especially non-whites, to have fewer children. The most polluting countries, those who would most quickly deplete our resources are non-white. They do not think for the future, they think only of today. Numerous studies have been conducted observing their high-time preference. A cursory Google search will turn them up.

Only white people, the people with the highest respect for and capability to use nature, are expected to have fewer children, to use less and less of the world. The same society which hails the raw realism of Game of Thrones, sings kumbaya as terrorists saw off their heads, torture them to death as in the case of the Bataclan shooting, or plow them over with trucks on their national holidays. These aren’t smart people. These aren’t strong people. These aren’t healthy people. We should be the ones flooding other countries with our people, but the weaklings in our own midst, genetic losers, are busy at work trying to cut us down every time we try to stand up tall. The Globalists who have put the “Environmentalism” of suicide in their heads, despise them and hope that they will follow Globalism to their doom.

Fundamentally, these snakes like Al Gore and Leonardo DiCaprio want us to consume less so they can consume more. We will never see them on a farming commune. We will never see them going back to nature. No, that’s for peasants like you and me. They expect us to toil until we drop so that they can live in luxury in their concrete castles. That’s also why they hate Americans, we will fight against that tyranny and we will win. No one can break our spirit. Not even a century of brain-washing, suicidalism and ignorance can cut us down.

The worldwide water crisis is looming. New England has just emerged from its own drought. Does anybody really think that these skinny, limp-wristed, push-overs will act to take what we need to survive from other peoples? No. They will give away everything we have out of misguided notions drilled into them since kindergarten. I feel bad for them, I really do, but they’re adults and they should know better. They’re disgusting. Under Globalist rule, American children will be dying of thirst. This drought shall turn quickly to famine when crop yield decreases. Instead of taking action to secure our futures, Globalists demand that Americans fall on their swords for other peoples. Nationalists will never fall for that crap.

Collaborationists love to prattle on about how smart they are because they put a check mark next to the “D” on the ballot. This “D” stands for death. Many of them will never see it. They desire the illusion rather than reality. Truth would destroy them and they don’t have the strength of the intelligence needed to build themselves back up. They will pride themselves on their “superiority” as they lay dying.

Nationalists give to our country an Environmentalism of life. Not one of empty words mouthed by a few empty heads to make themselves feel good. This isn’t a movement of t-shirts, marches and Facebook posts. This is one of blood, soil, and spirit. It is rising from the ground up and shall reach to the skies. We respect the environment as we respect ourselves. We will use it and preserve it. This is a movement which requires us to think, act and bleed for victory. It is the only force which shall act unfailingly in the advancement of our interests. Globalism, Collaborationism and Cuckservatism are the forces which shall act unfailingly against our interests.


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