White Pride

I never understood the whole “White Power” craze. It seemed to just be an imitation of “Black Power.” If so it is ridiculous. Africans shout “Black Power” because they have no power. Look at their communities all over the world and tell me their hearts have a single ounce of power. Whites already have power. We just need to see it. It needs to be let out of the deep slumber into which it has been sent. The Globalists put it there. We know why they’re put it to sleep. They fear our power and this fear turned into jealous hatred.

Pride is the mean by which we wake our power from its sleep. This is why the Globalists and their puppets try to deny us pride. They preach a false version of history and brainwash us with a false morality to this end. To keep us weak, stupid and sick. It is up to each of us to shake power awake within ourselves. A community of proud White men and women will shake awake the whole American Nation.

Unchain yourself from the sickly morality of self-guilt, doubt and humiliation. Then shall you find happiness, which our Founding Fathers bled for us to enjoy. Think for yourself. Why choose to be miserable? Why choose to be weak, stupid and unhealthy? Nationalists believe in a certain kind of equality. The equality of every man being the best he can be. Nature knows no such equality as the Collaborationist Left buys into, sold to them by their Globalist masters. Society will be led by those who have given the most for it, not those who can swindle the most out of it. Those who are the strongest and smartest naturally lead. This is a formula for success. This was the ideal of our fathers, a natural nobility, which the Globalists have tried to keep us from being.

Our American republic has been undeniably White since even before its founding. Globalists lie about this fact. Stupid Collaborationists and Cuckservatives believe it. We recognize the truth and celebrate it. Why shouldn’t we? We are proud to have founded the greatest and most powerful country on earth. But the republic was flawed from the start as is any child of compromise. Nationalists aren’t “letter-of-the-book” men. Only God himself, the force behind the world, is sacred. The Constitution isn’t a holy document and Cuckservatives are unholy for worshipping it. The republic must change according to the necessities of circumstance. We must be fluid as a river and firm as a mountain.

Each and every White man who still doesn’t consider himself a Nationlist must ask himself this: “Do I want to be destroyed?” He has to have the courage to place himself and his people at the center of existence just as our ancestors did. Only when we say “No!” to Globalist lies can we look behind us at the glory and power of our fathers and think, “This was greatness, and we shall do even better!” That is the heart of the American dream, the dream which has been robbed from us. That is what drew Europeans from every Nation in the Old World to these shores. That is what Nationalists will give back to our people. Power begins with pride. Pride is the weapon with which we shall destroy Globalism. No one shall deprive us of it.

Through the actions of many weak and stupid people, we temporarily lost this country. Through the immense struggle of one man, we remembered what it was to have our own country. More importantly, we saw with clear eyes that it had been stolen from us. The actions of many strong and smart people will win it back. Through courage, discipline and patience we will become our own masters again. We will unite our Nation, take back our country and restore our freedoms.

It all begins with pride.

Hail to the Chief!


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