White Pride

I never understood the whole “White Power” craze. It seemed to just be an imitation of “Black Power.” If so it is ridiculous. Africans shout “Black Power” because they have no power. Look at their communities all over the world and tell me their hearts have a single ounce of power. Whites already have power. We just need to see it. It needs to be let out of the deep slumber into which it has been sent. The Globalists put it there. We know why they’re put it to sleep. They fear our power and this fear turned into jealous hatred.

Pride is the mean by which we wake our power from its sleep. This is why the Globalists and their puppets try to deny us pride. They preach a false version of history and brainwash us with a false morality to this end. To keep us weak, stupid and sick. It is up to each of us to shake power awake within ourselves. A community of proud White men and women will shake awake the whole American Nation.

Unchain yourself from the sickly morality of self-guilt, doubt and humiliation. Then shall you find happiness, which our Founding Fathers bled for us to enjoy. Think for yourself. Why choose to be miserable? Why choose to be weak, stupid and unhealthy? Nationalists believe in a certain kind of equality. The equality of every man being the best he can be. Nature knows no such equality as the Collaborationist Left buys into, sold to them by their Globalist masters. Society will be led by those who have given the most for it, not those who can swindle the most out of it. Those who are the strongest and smartest naturally lead. This is a formula for success. This was the ideal of our fathers, a natural nobility, which the Globalists have tried to keep us from being.

Our American republic has been undeniably White since even before its founding. Globalists lie about this fact. Stupid Collaborationists and Cuckservatives believe it. We recognize the truth and celebrate it. Why shouldn’t we? We are proud to have founded the greatest and most powerful country on earth. But the republic was flawed from the start as is any child of compromise. Nationalists aren’t “letter-of-the-book” men. Only God himself, the force behind the world, is sacred. The Constitution isn’t a holy document and Cuckservatives are unholy for worshipping it. The republic must change according to the necessities of circumstance. We must be fluid as a river and firm as a mountain.

Each and every White man who still doesn’t consider himself a Nationlist must ask himself this: “Do I want to be destroyed?” He has to have the courage to place himself and his people at the center of existence just as our ancestors did. Only when we say “No!” to Globalist lies can we look behind us at the glory and power of our fathers and think, “This was greatness, and we shall do even better!” That is the heart of the American dream, the dream which has been robbed from us. That is what drew Europeans from every Nation in the Old World to these shores. That is what Nationalists will give back to our people. Power begins with pride. Pride is the weapon with which we shall destroy Globalism. No one shall deprive us of it.

Through the actions of many weak and stupid people, we temporarily lost this country. Through the immense struggle of one man, we remembered what it was to have our own country. More importantly, we saw with clear eyes that it had been stolen from us. The actions of many strong and smart people will win it back. Through courage, discipline and patience we will become our own masters again. We will unite our Nation, take back our country and restore our freedoms.

It all begins with pride.

Hail to the Chief!


American Empire

Members of the generation who sold our country away in the 1960s may be impressed by the lobbying of a few missiles at some Brown country half a world away, but we aren’t. They think it is smart to bleed us of our youth for a Nation not our own. They are stupid. They think it is strong to lay waste to other Nations for no reason and no interest but foreign Nations who have their own pawns everywhere in our country. Not to mention, they then clamor for the people of these Nations they ruthlessly bombed into our country so that these people may bring their hatred of us here. They are weak.

Anybody who wants to see real strength and real intelligence must wait until Nationalists become the rulers of our country again. The Presidents of the United States has just been the beginning. We will reorder American society and foreign policy in the interests of our Nation. Currently, it is ordered in the interests of Globalists and whichever non-American patsy people they are manipulating this week. They have forged a nationless empire of increasingly devalued paper. We will forge an empire of blood, soil and spirit. This empire shall exist solely to secure the lives, liberties and happiness of our Nation for all time. Power, strength, is their only safeguard.

The Founding Fathers idealised working life. Thomas Jefferson wanted an Agrarian republic. Alexander Hamilton wanted an industrial society. What they failed to account for was the superiority of a warrior society. Can they be blamed? In their day, militia duty was mandatory. A man can only really feel part of his Nation when he is ready to give his life for it. Women when they have given new life to it.

The empire will exist to ensure the self-sustainment of the American Nation. Each and every man will have his economic role: laborer; farmer; services; artisan; but above all else he must be a warrior. It is hardly a secret that women love warriors. Men who are willing to take great risks to ensure not only their own survival, but the survival of the Nation. Running throughout the daily actions of each and every person must be a healthy spirituality. This is the heart of Tradition.

Within our own hemisphre lies the resources necessary for our own survival. Globalists don’t want us to know this, and if they do, they want to prevent us from acting on it. This is because they have the soul of a leech. They don’t create, they manipulate. They feed off all Nations like a parasite. They have no home, no land, no Nation. They exist in all colors and creeds, wearing them like a chameleon wears its ever-changing skin. They are the number one enemy of world peace.

Some of our Founding Fathers envisioned a vague idea of an empire of Liberty. This idea has been transformed over the last century to force American boys to die for the security of other Nations. Sometimes this tragic situation has been draped in ideology. The various hollow creeds are paraded before our eyes like flags for which the Globalists except us to die. My fellow Americans, we have no creed, no ideology, no political platform but this Nation. When Nationalists rule this country again as we did at its founding, we will make it so strong, so smart, so healthy that it shall live forever. Not a single American boy will die for another Nation or glittering generalities on our watch. Instead, we shall live and die for each other.

White Lives Don’t Matter

Trayvon Martin was a drug-abusing, gangster wannabe. Michael Brown was a drug-dealing thug who assaulted a police officer. Like many, I was made a Nationalist by witnessing the violent behaviors tolerated and encouraged among non-white peoples. Both of these people are lionized as sacred figures by the media, while young white boys are encouraged to get in touch with their sensitive side, and never ever to break any rule given to them. The Collaborationist Left treats non-white criminals as saints. The Black Lives Matter movement was crafted by the Globalist dictatorship, which manipulates public perception through its media, to excuse non-white criminality and non-white-on-white violence. It is the Globalists by far who are public enemy number one.

White lives don’t matter to them. Where was the outcry about the thousand English girls kidnapped and sold into sex slavery by Pakistani Muslims in Rotherham, England? Nowhere. Instances like these go to show that Feminism is only a tool of the Globalist dictatorship to make women miserable and destroy White communities. The police didn’t even investigate the case for twenty years. Why? They were afraid of being called “racist.” Its only “racist” to care about your people when you’re white. You can bet that had the races been reversed, the Globalists would still be howling about it three years later, it took nearly twenty years for the details to become public. They are still howling about Saint Skittles.

This is because Globalists hate and want to destroy all White men, women and children. Infamous Globalist rats like Noel Ignatiev won’t even pretend otherwise. You might say, “Well, the English are pussies. They don’t even have the right to bear arms. It could never happen here.” You would be wrong. Cases like that are already unfolding all across our beloved country such as in Idaho where Muslim children raped a little White girl. The family of the girl was harrassed by the State and the Muslim community. So far, nothing has been done.

On the left, it is now the most high status thing to believe that White people ought to be destroyed. In Maine, Collaborationist politicians like Richard Fochtmann even laugh about White people dying. White men and women, to Collaborationists and Cuckservatives alike, are animals to be slaughtered. Why vote for them? Why watch their shows, listen to them speak, or take them seriously? Not only do they not care about us, they actively try to do what’s worst for us. Do you know who sees us as fellow human beings to be loved and protected, made stronger, smarter and healthier? Nationalists. Only to Nationalists do White lives matter. Its a simple choice: between those who hate us and those who love us. Do you have the courage and good sense to chose love over hate?

If you don’t, the tragedies of the past will only repeat themselves. When a drug-dealing thug, who happens to be Black, gets killed, the Globalists go ballistic. When honest, hardworking Whites are ruthlessly murdered, they don’t bat an eye. The Globalist dictatorship didn’t care when Vicki Weaver and her little boy were killed. Younger readers have probably never even heard their names. The Globalists like to ignore them like the Chinese ignore Tiananmen Square. What was their crime? Living off the grid and being very distantly connnected to Nationalist freedom-fighters.

The Globalists and their Collaborationist puppets in “government” at the time were happy that they died. They hate every White man, woman and child. They loved that Vicki Weaver and her boy were butchered. They want the same fate for us all that befell the martyrs of Ruby Ridge and the Lost Girls of Rotherham, England. You can bet that the jackbooted cowards who shot an unarmed woman and her child are still enjoying their pensions. They even killed the family dog. The Globalists rate the lives of dogs higher than they rate the lives of Whites.

These are your real saints, ladies and gentlemen: innocent White men, women and children viciously gunned down by domestic enemies. This was one of the many war crimes committed against our people. They will never be forgotten, they will never be forgiven, and you can be damned sure that we will have justice done!

Hail to the Chief!

Trump the President

Bannon, Sessions and Spicer are not out. Gorsuch is on the Supreme Court and his presence will be felt in weeks. It feels strange to write about the classic, establishment politics when there is nothing more just, nothing more necessary than revolutionary change, however, play the old games we must.

We bombed Syria, after warning the targets, during a meeting with Xi Jinping. Despite the orgasmic cries of joy from the Neo-Con, Israel-First, Globalist parasites, there have been no troop movements into positions from where we could assault into Syria. We did deploy a carrier group to the seas near North Korea after the meeting with Xi concluded. Trump has said a lot of things about China, some positive comments more recently. Said. Actions are the only means of gauging what a man really believes. When able, Trump has acted to fulfill his campaign promises, but Trump isn’t everything.

Too many people live through the internet. Too many people saw images about Trump being a Strong Nationalist and believed them. His actions did not warrant such beliefs at the time, they do not warrant them now. He is a Soft Nationalist, a step above the Illusionists who use the American flag whenver they want young American boys to die in the Middle East. They have not died for democracy. No war from the the days of Athens to the jihad against National Socialism has ever been fought for democracy. Wars are always fought out of self-interest. We Nationalists are not Pacifists. We have just presented the extremely radical and previously forbidden idea that our wars ought to be fought for our own interests.

This is a view shared by Steven Bannon, and ostensibly still shared by Trump. The media has been playing one game since November 9th: weaken, divide and destroy the Trump administration. If Jared Kushner were an Israel Firster and held the influence the media ascribes to him, we would be balls deep in Syria as these words are being written. Bannon is not going out. Trump still acts in what he percieves to be our best interest.

That’s not enough.

The days when right-wing movements starved ourselves, only reacting to the left, visionless, spineless and worthless, are gone. We are greedy. We are hungry. We are going to roast Internationalist Globalism and eat it. We are shaking awake within ourselves a common spirit of power, and it is this spirit which shall never betray us. Like fire, the dying peoples of the Earth shall come to fear America, and from this fear shall be born a healthy respect. This respect is our birthright doubly as Americans of European descent. We have burned away all self-guilt and self-humiliation. Into this fire shall be cast doubt, weakness and stupidity, everything that marks this manufactured culture of death which is rammed down our throats. My fellow Americans, we have been born again.

Trump, whatever he was, whatever he is, remains only the beginning. If I hear another manlet crying his heart out about how we were “betrayed,” I will go insane. The next phases for us are 2018, 2020, 2022, and 2024. These are the crucial years for our Nation. These are the years when Strong Nationalists will step onto the political stage.

There are too many people living in fantasy. They think our leaders must be people like the Kings from Lord of the Rings, not desiring of a crown, never wanting to advance themselves. What utter tripe. Nationalists young and old, be ambitious. Life is hunger. The greatest men don’t ignore it, they are capable of controlling it. Even the dying peoples of the world still have an appetite. They will try to consume us even as their hearts stop beating. We have been taught to be slaves, but our chains have been broken. Look around you and they will fade everywhere your glance falls.

Should Trump, if he is more than a Soft Nationalist, say exactly what he wants? NO! People who think otherwise must not be much of a hit with women. Internationalist Globalism must be seduced, wooed into always looking elsewhere, never seeing the truth. We will do to them what they have been doing to us. When they have been lulled into sleep, they shall never wake.

The same conditions, can Trump act like a Strong Nationalist? Not right now. There will not be a Great Leap Forward. Maoism failed. Rapid success does not occur overnight. That is another myth which will be shattered. We will restore a culture of real hard work and real discipline with real goals which are for our benefit. We will not labor for Israel’s sphere of influence to expand in the Middle East. It has to be worked towards in baby steps. Many people fantazise about rapid developments and great leaps. These people never achieve anything. We start small and finish huge.

Take an example which is pertinent to current events: Israel. Within our Nation’s borders, there are elements working for Israel’s best interests above and before America’s. Many  of them are in government, business and media. What are baby steps we could take right now to divorce ourselves from Israel internationally and quash the fifth column who’s activities are plainly treasonous? What Trump is doing now comes to mind. Throwing them a bone, but only when it fits into the wider frame of our best interests. There are further steps. They begin with changing people’s perceptions towards Israel, but they will not be written. Refer to paragraph eight.

King Philip’s War – Early New England’s Plaasmorde by Paddy Tarleton

In Autumn of 2012, Christopher Preece, a British engineer living on a remote farm in the South African countryside just outside Ficksburg was alarmed when the power suddenly went out in his home.  As he made his way through his darkened kitchen en route to the fuse box, he was accosted by three black men armed with machetes who had, just moments before, poisoned his guard dogs protecting the entry to the property.  Before he even knew what hit him, Mr. Preece was hacked to death where he stood.  His wife, Felicity, rushing to the scene, was severely beaten, her skull left badly fractured.  Their assailants made off with nothing more than a handful of cash and a cell phone, leaving their victims in a pool of their own blood.

As many of us in the traditionalist Right know, such attacks are not uncommon in South Africa.  Since 1994 there have been some 4,000 farm attacks, almost all involving white victims put to the blade of their black assailants.  It could even be said that, in comparing cases, the one involving Mr. Creece was somewhat mild, since rape and torture were a factor in most.  Many others involve children and babies.

In February 2017, for example, a young woman and her husband in Dullstroom were tied up, stabbed, and tortured with a blowtorch for several hours. Their masked assailants stuffed a plastic bag down the woman’s throat and attempted to strangle her husband with a bag around his neck.  They were then dragged from their home, driven to a nearby spot off the road, and shot in the backs of their heads execution-style.

As with the murder in Ficksburg and countless others, the authorities refuse to pursue the killers, with the national government even refusing to acknowledge that a major racial epidemic even exists, despite several human rights organizations like Amnesty International calling for them to bring attention to it.  And the murders aren’t exclusive to South Africa.  They also occur in Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe and are openly encouraged there by his government.

There can be no question that the wave of brutal murders that plague South Africa are real and that white South Africans are the targets.  It is white genocide, plain and simple.  Still, the ANC and several other governments abroad refuse to recognize it for what it is, with many liberals and leftists in the US, UK, and continental Europe making a mockery of the murders, and some even condoning them (big surprise) citing them as “retribution” for “centuries of white privilege”.  As long as the genocide continues and the lie of white privilege perpetuated, white men, women, little boys, and little girls in South Africa and Zimbabwe will be mercilessly slaughtered in record numbers, with little sympathy and few willing to help or even acknowledge their plight.

But we have seen this before.  Verily, our people are no strangers to such widespread horrors.  For those of us in New England, our forebears once endured the same.  Most of us living here have, at some point, learned about the Indian Wars that swept through the region roughly 300 years ago, though most of us aren’t very familiar with specifics or even the reasons it started.  Anyone who ventures to study the largest of these, King Philip’s War, would not suffer shock to find the many parallels between that war and the ongoing genocide in South Africa.   Just as with Mr. Preece and the couple from Dullstroom, surprise was a key element utilized by the attackers and children and infants were seldom spared.  But perhaps a more important parallel would be that, as in the case of the black-on-white terror and violence in post-apartheid South Africa, white liberal revisionists and anti-white propagandists continue to justify and even celebrate the horrific hit-and-run raids of seventeenth century New England that left thousands dead and many more scarred for the rest of their lives, going so far as to use that and the other Anglo-Indian wars that followed in later years as reason to justify current white dispossession and policies which place whites not only at a disadvantage, but also, to celebrate their displacement and dehumanize them entirely.

In regards to population, King Philip’s War was the bloodiest North America has ever seen.  It killed off a significant portion of both native peoples and Anglos, with the latter suffering the majority of their casualties in the savage raids that led to hostilities.  In our own era of globalism, universalism, and blatantly anti-white ultra-liberalism, current dogma demands the blind acknowledgment of the war’s Anglo violence (which was justified in that it was almost always retaliatory or for reasons of self-defense) being born of some inherent ultra-racism exclusive to whites and the Wampanoag, Narragansett, Podunk, and Nipmuc belligerents as the helpless victims of white privilege and institutional power.  As with all racially charged conflicts, they oversimplify the long and complicated period of Anglo-Indian conflict on this continent by presenting it as a predetermined blood-crusade whereby, as in a cheap comic book, blood-lusting whites from the Mother Isles deliberately set out to conquer the New World for the sole purpose of subjugating its peaceful, flower-worshiping inhabitants just because.   Because that is just what whites do.  Because its fun for them, and because they are wicked.  Because racism.

Naturally, they deliberately leave out the fact that throughout most of the Indian Wars, most of the anti-English Indians were anything but powerless, as was the case in the northern theater of King Philip’s War where the Wabanaki received a steady flow of money, guns, and military aid from the English people’s enemy, the French .  And they were most certainly not innocent when one takes into account that raids were almost always unprovoked and with the knowledge that most of the targeted villages were chosen based on the fact that they were the poorest and lacking in any experienced, professionally trained militia.

All throughout southern New England,  farms and villages were swarmed upon in hit and run-style attacks, leaving devastating numbers of people slaughtered.   From 1675 to 1678, homesteads in Lancaster, Dartmouth, Middleborough, Lynn, Casco Bay, Plimouth, Mendon, Brookfield, Hadley, Falmouth, Haverhill, and countless others were attacked.  Farms were raided, villages were looted and burned to the ground, and inhabitants put to the blade.  In most of these raids, the women were raped and their children were scalped and mutilated in front of them.

In Swansea, Massachusetts, one woman reported that her baby, in attempting to shield it from a group of approaching Wampanoags, was taken from her arms, grabbed by its head and its “brains dashed into a nearby tree”.   A small number of those who survived were lucky enough to escape to nearby villages for refuge.  Those who didn’t were taken as slaves.  Mary Rowlandson, of Lancaster, Massachusetts was one such woman.  She was taken during the raid there along with her three children.  Her daughter Sarah, aged six, received wounds during the raid and died while in captivity.

The same happened to Hannah Duston of Haverhill, Massachusetts in a series of raids that followed King Philip’s War.  Like the woman in Swansea, her newborn infant’s head was also smashed against a tree, and this practice seems to be a common one among Indians throughout American history.

In Falmouth, on the Maine frontier (referred to as “the eastward”) a militia lieutenant reported a house in ruins, burned with bodies lying halfway out and, upon closer investigation, a woman’s body “big with child” scalped along with two children whose heads were, as he put it, “dashed in pieces and laid by one another with their bellies to the ground and an oak plank laid upon their backs.”

Like the Afrikaners, the Anglican and Puritan dissenters that lived in New England were deeply religious and they, too were the victims of religious mockery according to many eyewitness accounts.   In Sudbury, one man was mutilated by a band of Nipmucs who, upon gutting him, stuffed into his open belly the very bible to which he clenched during the attack.  This bears striking similarities with chilling photographs that can be found of murdered Afrikaners with crucifixes and other religious icons shoved into their mouths.

Most of the victims in seventeenth century New England raids were, as the Boere, native to the areas in which they lived.  Many were the children of English-born parents and grandparents but they themselves were born and bred in the colonies.  Despite this, they suffered ridicule from their enemies for being the descendants of Europeans and, therefore, not worthy of being regarded as native.  Today, just as whites in South Africa, they are repeatedly referred to as “invaders” and “oppressors”, thereby stripping them of their humanity and justifying any degree of violence perpetrated against them.

It is of no surprise that these same liberal critics today will ignore the outrageously hypocritical inconsistency that North American and European blacks are themselves not native to these lands yet call upon the rest of the world to join them in fighting for their unconditional inclusiveness at the expense of whites.  Both then and now, we see the real message: whites are wicked and non-whites are virtuous in every way.   Today, one would be hard-pressed to find any academics or historians who portray the English as anything other than despicable villains unworthy of reverence and the Indians as eternal victims.

The Wampanoag chief, Metacomet, or, “King Philip”, as the English called him, had by 1662 succeeded his father, Massasoit, whom the English deeply revered.  It was because of Massasoit’s generosity and diplomacy that led to relative peace and prosperity for a good number of years.   By the early 1670s, a massive number of Indians from various tribes throughout the region  – some 10,000 – had died due to smallpox and other epidemics.  This, coupled with the booming fur trade led to opportunities for expansion beyond some of the already established colonies.

But as it goes in all multi-ethnic societies, trust is fragile, if ever fully gained at all.  With the epidemics fresh in Philip’s mind, he only grew more suspicious of everything the English did, no matter how legitimate or helpful to his own people.  To add to Philip’s frustrations, tribes from the West were also moving into the area, refugees from the Beaver Wars, and soon, they, too were doing business with the English.  The English were at this period buying more land, which they felt entitled to since much of it was outside Wampanoag territory, a fact often ignored by contemporary historians.

Tension boiled over when John Sassamon, a friend of both the English and Wampanoag, warned the governor of Plymouth that Philip’s bitterness had turned to rage and that he was planning attacks.  This naturally put everyone on high alert and, as a result, they temporarily halted commerce with the Wampanoag.  When threats became more prevalent, they forced Philip to sign a peace treaty and warned Philip that if threats did not cease, they would confiscate Wampanoag land and firearms.  Just days later, Sassamon was found dead.  Three Wampanoag men were arrested, brought to trial, and found guilty by a jury that included Indian elders.  Though unjustified, Philip felt he now had a reason to provoke the English into a war, and that summer, without warning, the butchery of the raids began.

It is important to remember that in South Africa, contrary to popular belief, the blacks there were no more native to that region that the white settlers. They had migrated to the region shortly after white settlement, the Bantu having arrived after a vicious, genocidal migration southwards from West Africa.  And yet, the lie that whites simply came in and stole it persists, with any efforts on the part of authentic historians to shed light on the truth thwarted by the rabid Marxists that dominate modern academia.  Similar is the persistent lie that seventeenth century New Englanders were violent oppressors.  While it is true that they did place certain restrictions on the Wampanoag, it was only done so as a reaction to hostilities under Philip’s leadership.  When his father, Massasoit was leading them, no such restrictions were in place.  Anglo-Indian relations were relatively peaceful during this period, save for the brief conflict with the Narragansett in the earlier part of the century.  It should be noted that during that conflict, the Wampanoag and Pokanoket (today all Pokanoket are Wampanoag) protected and allied with the English against hostile tribes, which is why Massasoit was so highly respected by the English.  In fact, there were a minority of English during the war with Philip that outright refused to take part in any hostilities because they could not bring themselves to draw fire on the people of their beloved Massasoit.  This strange fact is noted in Mary Beth Norton’s work, “In the Devil’s Snare” in the chapter about the Indian Wars.

But suppose the forebears of white settlers in New England and South Africa had actually arrived with the full intention of terrorizing the natives and making their lives miserable.  Suppose that real life events were the epic drama the Left would have everyone believe, that the English were a malignant force of white devils hellbent on destroying the harmonious woodland fairy people of North America.  Would this justify the brutal murder of thousands of innocents among their descendants, most of which hadn’t even taken part in these alleged grievances?   Would this justify smashing babies’ heads against trees or raping their women and shoving desecrated religious icons down the throats of their corpses?  If you consider the thoughts and opinions of any number of bourgeois anti-white academics, Marxists, and other left-wing cultists, all of whom control the current paradigm, I’m sure you can guess the answer.

Naturally, there are some differences between the sufferings of today’s Afrikaner and the Yankee of yesteryear.  For one, New Englanders went on to prosper while native populations diminished (mostly due to disease or captivity) with some tribes even going extinct (some tribes did not literally go extinct, they merely disbanded the tribe to join a larger tribe, as was the case with the Pokanoket, who are today Wampanoag).  In South Africa’s case, it is whites who are now being systematically extinguished and terrorized to the point where death or immigration will, in the next decade, be their only choice.

But both experiences, that of the old New Englander and that of the Afrikaner, exemplify a reality that stare us all in the face every day, one that the Left, in their boundless arrogance, continue to ignore and for which the upholders of faith and tradition continue to suffer, and that is that different groups of people with competing interests and separate sets of values and traditions cannot for long share the same living space.  Sooner or later, Nature intervenes and puts to the test both contenders, leaving room for only one.