The Century of Humiliation

1916 was the year when our Nation elected a globalist snake-in-the-grass and tool of the insidious forces of International Money, Woodrow Wilson, who deceptively ran onĀ not getting involved in the First World War. This war was disastrous for Western civilization, destroying fifteen hundred years of strength, nobility, and healthy lifestyles, which have been under attack since before any of us can remember. Woodrow Wilson, for all his peace-loving nonsense, secretly sought an outrage which would allow him to send the pride of America’s youth to be butchered like animals in Flanders fields. For what? So that International Finance on Wall Street could have the power post-war to create a decade of degeneracy, sickness and weakness which would be shattered in 1929. This decade was welcomed by people of similar character to Jacob H. Schiff.

Why mention such an obscure character, a businessman and banker of the early twentieth century? Because he represents the marriage between International Communism and International Money. It was he who funded Lenin’s Bolshevik revolution, all the while dealing with and owning various corporations in the United States. Only when we recognize the natural kinship between International Finance and International Communism can we understand how they have worked so well together in the last century. Wall Street’s war in 1917 was meant to pave the way for the infiltration of Communists into the United States government. Mass media has tried to blind the average, faithful and hardworking American man to this reality, smearing the name of Jospeh McCarthy, even though his suspicions would be confirmed by the Venona Project and the Soviet archives themselves.

The physical and ideological children of these initial infiltrators and wreckers went on to instigate America’s youth to destroy itself in the 1960s. Those who didn’t betray their parents and their Nation at home, died abroad in a hopeless war which the war-makers never intended on fighting to win. In this decade, all things noble, healthy and strong seemed to vanish forever and the American Nation was made a slave to bow and scrape before a sick culture and a vile government interested only in making themselves and their soulless allies all over the world more powerful.

This century of death and meaninglessness has been irreversibly ended with the election of President Donald J. Trump, who ran on a direct rejection of the poisonous and sterile values of the world which International Finance and International Communism created. The century of our rebirth has just started. As International Money and its sister, Cultural Marxism, overthrew and enslaved the Republican and Democratic parties of the early 20th century, so too shall Nationalism and its brother, Traditionalism, force the withering establishment to its knees so that it can be baptized into the light of our national revolution. The United States is becoming a new redoubt for Nationalism, from which positive values, life-giving and preserving, will be spread throughout the world by the pen, the picture and the sword.

2016 was the year Minutemen fired on regular troops at Lexington. When an angry mob of violated, beaten down common men stormed the ugly bastion of terror and tyranny erected in the heart of our Nation to prevent us from using the freedoms of our fathers. We no longer even understand freedom. The establishment sells us the freedom of an animal: to eat whatever we want. To graze on whichever field, but never to look up at heaven, where the sparkling stars and the Sun shine down on us. We will learn to be free again!

Lexington is behind us. 2017 awaits.